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Craftinsure 2021 - LEADERBOARD


© Tom Gruitt / Sport Environment © Tom Gruitt / Sport Environment
Show news Skipper MACIF wins
Lois Berrehar and Charlotte Yven take Transat Paprec double-handed race
Posted on 19 May
Transat Paprec day 19
Break point at Columbier Point
Posted on 18 May
Transat Paprec day 18
Title going down to the wire
Posted on 17 May
Transat Paprec day 17
The leading trio are sailing into softer breeze
Posted on 16 May
Transat Paprec day 16
There are still 700 miles to the finish
Posted on 15 May
Transat Paprec Day 15
A solid podium but will opportunities knock for Pirouelle and Faguet?
Posted on 14 May
Transat Paprec Day 14
A game of nerves until the finish Friday?
Posted on 13 May
Transat Paprec Day 13
Top Transat Paprec trio less than one mile apart mid Atlantic
Posted on 12 May
Transat Paprec Day 12
Leaders Morvan and Le Berre under pressure
Posted on 11 May
Transat Paprec Day 11
'Easy' miles downwind in the tradewinds
Posted on 10 May
Transat Paprec Day 10
Morvan and Le Berre lead after southerly move, Group Helios back on course
Posted on 9 May
Transat Paprec Day 9
Relief after toughest 24 hours
Posted on 8 May
Transat Paprec Day 8
Skipper MACIF in the lead at the La Palma turn
Posted on 7 May
Time's up for Tom Dolan
In his solo Round Ireland record attempt
Posted on 7 May
Transat Paprec Day 7
Madeira today, the Canaries turn Sunday
Posted on 6 May
Transat Paprec Day 6
A busy weekend ahead for the leaders
Posted on 5 May
Transat Paprec Day 5
Peloton chasing hard behind new leaders Loïs Berrehar and Charlotte Yven
Posted on 4 May
Transat Paprec Day 4
No let up in intensity among leaders off Portuguese coast
Posted on 3 May
Transat Paprec Day 3
Into an uncertain night
Posted on 2 May
Tom Dolan plans to start record attempt Wednesday
Aiming to start solo round Ireland record attempt early in the morning
Posted on 2 May
Transat Paprec Day 2
The first strategic choices are upon the 11 mixed doubles racing
Posted on 1 May
Transat Paprec underway
Light winds, great expectations at the start
Posted on 30 Apr
Putting the pieces together…
Paprec's Stéphane Névé explains…
Posted on 29 Apr
The Transat Paprec favorites and strategies
According to Spain's Pep Costa and Ireland's Tom Dolan
Posted on 28 Apr
The Transat Paprec Dee-constructed…
Dee Caffari considers the 100% mixed double handed race to be a very positive step forwards
Posted on 27 Apr
Women sailors among the Transat Paprec pioneers
Since 1992 the Transat Paprec has seen many mixed or 100% female duos
Posted on 27 Apr
Tom Dolan on Round Ireland record attempt stand-by
Prepared and ready to go at a moment's notice
Posted on 24 Apr
Sam Davies on the Transat Paprec
“It's an intense race all the way to the finish”
Posted on 23 Apr
Transat Paprec festivities open in Concarneau
The race village was officially opened to the public on Friday
Posted on 21 Apr
Tom Dolan's team win Figaro class at Spi Ouest
Alan Roberts and Gildas Mahe push Dolan's boat ahead to win by one point
Posted on 10 Apr


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Lois Berrehar and Charlotte Yven, on the Figaro Skipper Macif, winners of the Transat Paprec
© Alexis Courcoux
On board with Region Bretagne, Cmb Performance, Gaston Morvan, Anne Claire Le Berre – Transat - Transat Paprec
© Region Bretagne - CMB Performance
On board race leader Mutuelle Bleue, Corentin Horeau on the helm showing maximum concentration - Transat Paprec
© Mutuelle Bleue
5th placed Cap Ingelec, Pierre Leboucher on the helm - Transat Paprec, Day 17
© Cap Ingelec
Region Bretagne-CMB Performance, Gaston Morvan, Anne Claire le Berre at sea, lying in third on the Transat Paprec 2023 15/05/23
© Region Bretagne-CMB Performance
Region Normandie, Guillaume Pirouelle & Sophie Faguet during the Transat Paprec 2023
© Region Normandie
Mael Garnier & Julia Courtois during the Tranasat Paprec
© Ageas, Ballay, Cerfrance, Baie de Saint Brieuc
Mutuelle Bleue, Corentin Horeau, Pauline Courtois during the Transat Paprec
© Mutuelle Bleue
Cap Ingelec, Camille Bertel & Pierre LeBoucher - Transat Paprec 2023 at sea
© Cap Ingelec
Mutuelle Bleue, Corentin Horeau & Pauline Courtois - Transat Paprec 2023
© Mutuelle Bleue
Swiss sailor Alicia De Pfyffer aboard Race for Science-Verder
© Transat Paprec 2023
Guillaume Pirouelle and Sophie Faguet aboard Region Normandie after the passage of La Palma
© Region Normandie
Region Bretagme, CMB Performance, Gaston Morvan & Anne Claire Le Berre
© Region Bretagne-CMB Performance
Time's up for Tom Dolan in his solo Round Ireland record attempt
© Romain Marie
Time's up for Tom Dolan in his solo Round Ireland record attempt
© Romain Marie, Arthur Hubert, Colombe Julia - Transat Paprec 2023 - at sea on 06/05/2023
Cap Ingelec, Camille Bertel and Pierre Leboucher, during the Transat Paprec
© Cap Ingelec
Race for Science, Verder, Edouard Goldbery, Alicia de Pfyffer
© Race for Science
Guillaume Pirouelle and Sophie Faguet aboard Region Normandie
© Region Normandie
On board Region Bretagne CMB Performance Gaston Morvan and Claire Le Berre in seventh place
© Region Betagne CMB Performance
Tom Dolan Round Ireland Record Tracker
© Tom Dolan Racing
Camille Bertel and Pierre Leboucher (Cap Ingelec) among the leaders - Transat Paprec
© Vincent Olivaud
Transat Paprec start: Light winds during the round the buoys circuit prior to leaving the Bay of Port La Foret
© Alexis Courcoux
Transat Paprec start: EDENRED (Basile Bourgnon and Violette Dorange) under gennaker after the start
© Alexis Courcoux
Transat Paprec start: Region Bretagne CMB Performance (Gaston Morvan and Anne-Claire Le Berre) set their kite
© Alexis Courcoux
Stéphane Névé - Transat Paprec
© Alexis Courcoux
Corentin Horeau and Pauline Courtois among the favourites on Mutuelle Bleu
© Alexis Courcoux
Tom Dolan
© Tom Dolan Racing
The Transat Paprec race village is officially opened
© Alexis Courcoux / Transat Paprec
The race fleet are in position - Transat Paprec
© Alexis Courcoux / Transat Paprec