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Zhik Aroshell Coastal

Zhik Aroshell Coastal

Zhik, the technically innovative brand of sailing apparel, is consolidating its move into high performance yachting gear, with its Aroshell Coastal® range.  Aiming at the discerning coastal cruising or racing sailor, Aroshell Coastal® is a robust, yet lightweight, high specification waterproof jacket and trousers, made from a breathable 3-layer performance shell, with built in stretch.

The 3-layer fabric construction uses a tough, abrasion and water resistant polyester outer, laminated to Zhik’s highly breathable, ‘monolithic’ membrane.  Water vapour molecules from the body are absorbed and diffused to the outer side of the fabric using a chemical principle. The ‘water loving’ hydrophilic molecule chains, contained in the membrane effectively draw the moisture vapour away from the humid inside to the outside.

A thin, highly breathable mesh scrim forms the third inner layer, which is bonded onto the inside.  This makes the Aroshell® fabric much higher specification than equivalent 2 layer fabrics with loose linings and it reduces garment bulk and weight.   It is more durably waterproof, more breathable and has a much higher resistance to abrasion, plus it has inherent stretch for excellent manoeuvrability and fit. 

The Aroshell® Coastal range features durable 600+ denier nylon in high abrasion areas, such as the jacket and trouser seat and knee patches, to keep you protected at all times