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Plas Menai 2015

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Zhik Hydrobase Super Thermals

Zhik Hydrobase Super Thermals

Super Thermal is the new breed of synthetic base layers, which is converting hardened Merino lovers due to its superior moisture management ability.  Super Thermals accomodates highly athletic activity by the wearer.

Zhik’s Hydrobase thermal base layer uses Super Thermal technology, a composite approach that combines hydrophobic and hydrophilic layers.  This creates a light, warm and very high moisture wicking material.  

Hydrobase fabric is engineered with hydrophilic polyester and hydrophobic polypropylene fibres. The fibres are constructed in a distinctive 3D grid to promote higher levels of wicking.  Designed for extreme variations between heat generated through physical activity and cold environments, the fabric enables body temperature regulation, providing exceptional levels of moisture transfer and excellent insulation across a range of temperatures.

Quite simply, when water droplets are placed on the inner side of the fabric, they are instantly dispelled to the surface, leaving dry fabric against your skin.   A further advantage of the Super Thermal technology and garment design for sailors, is creating garments which are more flexible across a range of conditions.   Hydrobase is far more than just thermal underwear for winter sailing. It provides a comfortable environment next to the skin, regulates body temperature through moisture management and provides UV protection from the sun when worn on its own