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Give something different to your water-loving, sailing Mum on Mother's Day

by Liz Rushall 6 Mar 15:51 GMT
Give something special to your sailing Mums on Mothers Day © Zhik
Zhik taura tri top
Zhik’s Taura Capris and Neo Tri-Top are perfect for paddling and watersports.  Designed for women, with contemporary styling and high performance, water-friendly materials, for superior performance on the water.

Taura briefs and the stretchy, soft, supportive Tri-Top can be worn under wetsuits too.
Avinta underwear
At last! Avinta is the perfect solution to use as performance underwear beneath wetsuits and watersports gear.  Made from a flattering range of super-lightweight printed Spandex giving women a comfortable, fast-drying under-layer.  Essential for active watersports and workouts.
The Avinta Bralette is trimmed with a light mesh for additional breathability. Team it with matching full hipster Avinta Briefs or boy-leg Shorts for more cover.
Zhik Womens Avlare
Zhik’s Avlare Tops are the game changers in performance tops. Developed for Zhik’s sponsored sailors and teams, including AUS, GBR and NZL, competing in the Rio Olympics. Avlare fabric simply hates water.  Dunk it in a the water and it rolls straight off. Light weight, breathable and stretchy - it’s all that too. Avlare performs across big boats, dinghies, SUPs and more. In fact anywhere warm, where you want to keep the wind chill out, yet don’t want a jacket or spray top on. 
Zhik Z Skin top
Z-Skin tops are made with the lightest, most stretch-iest, World’s thinnest neoprene. Brilliant for dinghy sailing, where high upper body workloads and warmer conditions demand temperature regulation.

Z-Skin’s ability to cut wind chill and maintain water-shedding insulation, without overheating, makes it a great all-round top for sailing, surfing, SUP and kayaking.
Team the Avlare or Z-Skin tops with Zhik’s new range of SuperWarm X and MicroFleece X wetsuits, for winter and summer use, or with the Hybrid gear for higher temperatures.
NEW Superwarm X Skiff suit
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Microfleece X
New Microfleece X Skiff Suit
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Zhik Hybrid skiff suit
Hybrid Women's Skiff Suit
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