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IOM Xmas Jumper at Fleetwood Model Yacht Club

by Tony Wilson 28 Dec 2017 11:01 GMT 27 December 2017
IOM Xmas Jumper at Fleetwood © Tony Wilson

Derek's invite went out far and wide, 'To come all Ye faithful Skippers' to what was going to be for most the last Open sailing event for the year. All the regulars were here with their precious metals and some had even brought their partners or wives to sail or help in the galley.

The wind was about 20 nautical miles an hour and blowing straight down from the North, so it was blinking cold coming all the way from Siberia. You wouldn't want to get your hands wet, because in the freezing wind they would resemble the effects of being placed in liquid nitrogen....... Anyway it was fairly cold.

Bacon butties and hot tea was supplied to get the morning going and the plan was to sail each race and nip into the cabin for a hot toddy of rum in between each race....if only ?

From the sixteen sailing that had entered for the day, there were a good half a dozen from the Fleetwood home club and this included the young gun Rob Walsh. There were also some other top class sailing guys from around the UK, so it wasn't a done deal.

Derek had set quite a simple course of two laps that were to be sailed in a triangular fashion, in effect only using two marks for rounding. The first beat was to scrape along the bank and then cut across to the far pink buoy that was about two thirds on the far side and back. This would get the job done nice and quick and just in time for a warm up and early lunch.

Walshy had hit the ground running with his famous yellow boat number 25 and won the first five races, followed by usually Paul Allen or Darrin Ballington that were also doing fairly well. After a short break, Rob now allowed Paul to win a couple, and also John Tushingham was starting to fair better.

Nine races were had up to lunchtime and it was time now to tot up the midway scores and natter about the mornings sailing, or whatever.

The afternoon started with one boat in a larger sail and there were was now a slight shadow over on the far bank as the wind looked like it had veered some thirty degrees. Derek made a slight alteration to the course, just to confuse a few and we were now beating to the far pump house station buoy, driving a smaller triangle for three laps and again finishing on a run.

Martin Roberts with the A sail blue boat number 3 won a couple of races, so it seemed to be paying off for him in the now slightly windless part of the lake as the rest remained in B rig attire.

To make it worthwhile five more races were had before the 3 pm deadline, totalling 14 great heats of good speed and then it was back to shelter in the warmth for drinks and mince pies. I must say these have been the best I've had all the holidays, whether bought or home baked. I think it helped with them coming straight out of the oven nice and hot.

During the day five Skippers had won a race, but with Rob continuing in good form for the afternoon with mostly second places, this gave him the victory on the day, and enabled him to go home with a very big bottle of wine. Paul Allen not too far behind for second place and John Tushingham from Keighly in third.

Top 3 Results:

1. Rob Walsh 20pts
2. Paul Allen 30pts
3. John Tushingham 43pts