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Seldén increases Capacity and Efficiency with New State of the Art Paint Booth

by Susannah Hart, Seldén Mast 20 Dec 2017 09:31 GMT 20 December 2017
The new state-of-the-art paint booth at Seldén Mast © Seldén Mast

Seldén Mast Ltd is delighted to unveil their new state of the art paint booth which, at 41 metres in length, is probably the longest, enclosed paint booth in the UK!

The Olympian 1000 Series from British company Todd Engineering represents a £200,000 investment by Seldén Mast to increase their efficiency and capacity when painting yacht and keelboat masts.

The new paint booth is 20 metres longer than any other booth that Todd engineering has built and is split into four individual booths of different lengths that can be linked by opening a series of three leaf concertina doors to work in any scenario. This allows a mast of up to 100ft to be painted individually or smaller masts in different configurations to be painted at the same time.

The direct fired gas burner allows for the temperature to be maintained at the optimum 18 degrees C for paint application. The diagonal air flow system, which changes the air 3.5 times per minute, ensures that all overspray is extracted through industrial filters, creating the ideal environment for the best possible paint finish on the mast.

To complete the mast painting process the booth has a 'cook' cycle. Using recycled air, the temperature in the booth can be heated to the correct temperature for the paint in question, up to a maximum of 86 degrees C. This not only increases the efficiency of the process but also reduces lead times.

Steve Norbury, Seldén Managing Director said, "The addition of our new paint booth shows our commitment to growing our capacity to produce quality masts of all sizes to meet the demands of our business efficiently and with reduced lead times."

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