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Exposure lighting up the Volvo Ocean Race

by Exposure Lights on 2 Nov 2 November 2017
Exposure lighting up the Volvo Ocean Race © Jeremie Lecaudey / Volvo Ocean Race
Exposure lights have set off on their 3rd Volvo Ocean Race and with huge amounts of media content coming from the yachts we are proud be be featuring heavily.
With Exposure lights on board every single yacht, we are literally lighting up the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18.

During the race you can check out the regularly updated 'RAW' footage from the sailors offering a rare insight into the wonders and torments of the race.

(Photos credit: Volvo Ocean Race)
Check out the RAW footage by clicking on any of the images above (all from Leg 1, Alicante to Lisbon) and be sure to check back in when the teams set sail for the 7000 nautical mail leg to Cape Town this weekend.
The Exposure OLAS Float-On has been nominated for the prestigious DAME award at METS 2017, featured in the 'Lifesaving and safety equipment' category.

Click any image to watch the preview video
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Our lighting range has been designed, developed and tested alongside the world's top offshore Race Teams including Volvo Ocean Race Winners Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing and British Vendee Globe sailor Alex Thomson, and continues to be used by all of the current Volvo Ocean Race Teams.

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