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Hands up - who is wearing the Zhik Boot 460?

by Liz Rushall, Zhik 28 Jul 21:49 BST 28 July 2017
Hands up - who is wearing the Zhik Boot 460? Peter Burling! © Martina Orsini

The Zhik Boot 460s are known as the active dinghy sailors 'best friend'. Last week Peter Burling rang the Zhik product development team in Sydney, for assistance to get hold of a pair of the Boot 460s in time for the Moth Worlds in Lake Garda. And looking around the fleet it seems he's not alone, and the 230 strong fleet of Moth sailors are voting with their feet too.

This high-cut lightweight race boot is fast, agile and balances support with great grip. Ankle and foot support comes through the ergonomic, shaped 2mm flexible neoprene uppers. Plus there is additional security through a generous neoprene/Velcro ankle strap.

The ZK sole gives the ultimate in trustworthy grip and contact with your boat, providing that essential 'feel' through their feet that performance sailors need for balance and precision movement around the boat.

The 460's innovative side lacing system enables you to adjust the fit for hiking, trapezing and adding layers in colder conditions, and means there is nothing metallic on the boot that will catch or scratch on your hull or foils. That's important when climbing in after a wipe out!

The Zhik 60 'Barefoot' Boot is the 460's 'little brother'. The same upper construction, with an open heel and toe, it is designed to relax the ankle and dramatically assist with hiking strength. It is reinforced with Zhik's patented stud locking system to connect with the toe strap and provides great feel around the boat and if perfect for lighter airs days.