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OK Dinghy European Championship at Faaborg Sailing Club - Day 2

by Robert Deaves, OKDIA on 27 Jul 26-29 July 2017

After three more exciting races there is only one point separating Lars Johan Brodtkorb and Charlie Cumbley at the 2017 OK Dinghy European Championship in Faaborg, Denmark, after sharing the wins today in their group. The defending champion, Denmark's Bo Petersen, is nine points behind. The other race wins went to Jan Kurfeld from Germany, Jens Lauge from Denmark and New Zealand's Luke Gower.

With the Danish summer now seemingly reduced to just one day, Wednesday, the fleet once again launched under falling rain and low clouds and endured nearly seven hours on the water in the wintry Danish conditions. The rain cleared after the first race of the day as the wind shifted from south to west, but it remained a generally bleak and grey day as three races tested the endurance and patience of the 130 OK Dinghy sailors.

Both Brodtkorb and Cumbley are in the same group, so are having a daily battle on the water. Thursday's score was two wins to Cumbley and one to Brodtkorb, Cumbley having to chase down the Norwegian in the opening race to secure the win.

Defending champion, Bo Petersen, is feeling a lot of local pressure to retain his title here, but a third in the opening race and a second in the last race has moved him up to third overall after several of the other contenders struggled today and picked up high scores.

"It's good fun, tricky racing. The sun was better yesterday, today a little rain, as we are used to, but it's nice to be here."

"The fleet is tough and you have to struggle a lot to be up there. Yesterday was tricky racing, but today was more normal. We are halfway now, so let's see what happens."

On the home town pressure "Everybody wants to talk to me, I can't go in the zone. I can't relax enough to make decisions and have to tell stories, but so it is."

About the event, "I don't think there had ever been a fleet this big here. The way Faaborg Seljklub has done this, they are really doing a great job to show everybody a good time, and that's nice."

Jan Kurfeld, from Germany, won the opening race in his group before being pulled out of the second race while in the lead after picking up a second yellow flag for a Rule 42 infringement.

The second race of the second group turned into a Danish benefit with Jens Lauge taking the win from long time leader Henrik Kofoed Larsen.

Greg Wilcox, from New Zealand, is now up to eighth overall, said of the event, "It's a lot of boats out there and a fair bit of carnage. The corners are pretty full and the are some very, very good sailors, so it's hard work trying to keep up."

"The speed in the fleet is so similar so if you are back a bit everyone is going the same speed. In the old days the good guys were faster, now everyone is the same speed and that's great for the fleet, but it makes it harder."

"I had a bit of a tough day. The first race was good and I got a third. The second race I was pretty deep for most of it and managed to hook a shift up the last beat to about tenth and in the last one we were all fighting it out and I got a fourth."

The third best performer of the day was Gower, who sneaked a second place off Wilcox in the first race and then stormed the final race to win by several minutes, gaining hugely on the second upwind to hold a comfortable lead.

Gower, "I had a good start and went out to the left with Greg and got some good shifts and rounded the top mark in a good spot and managed to extend on every beat. I got lucky on a few shifts. A good day's sailing."

"This is my second year in the OK after my first Worlds last year in Quiberon. It was a good learning curve and I ended up mid-fleet. I just got a new boat so I am at the right end of the fleet now which is good."

"It's a great competition here with 130 boats, a good quality fleet. If you put one foot wrong you are spat out the back door pretty quickly"

On winning the race, "Very satisfying. It's been a long time since I won a race like this, so feels great."

"I haven't sailed for about 10 years until last year so I'm just getting back into it. I love the OK. It's a great boat, very nice class, all the guys are great, having a beer after sailing and I couldn't ask for more really."

Racing continues on Friday with three races scheduled as part of the 10 race series, which concludes on Saturday. After Friday's races, the fleets will be split into gold and silver groups for the final two races on Saturday.

Event website with live tracking:

Results after day 2:

PosNatSail NoHelmQ1Q2Q3Q4Q5Pts
1stNOR428Lars Johan Brodtkorb11‑2215
2ndGBR1Charlie Cumbley2‑31126
3rdDEN1471Bo Petersen‑10238215
4thNZL573Luke Gower‑11726116
5thSWE100Thomas Hanson‑Mild1‑984316
6thGER71Andre Budzien2483‑1017
7thPOL1Tomasz Gaj‑27273618
8thNZL566Greg Wilcox‑193310420
9thSWE797Mats Caap4754‑1620
10thGER772Oliver Gronholz9445‑1422
11thDEN10Jens Lauge‑341161523
12thGER3Wolfgang Hofener‑16597425
13thDEN1450Anders Andersen12110‑19730
14thDEN1485Johan Bjorling8‑22115731
15thDEN3Jorgen Svendsen1365‑14832
16thDEN1397Henrik Kofoed Larsen‑2814152334
17thGBR2179Tony Woods1354‑231537
18thDEN1495Jesper Højer11‑127121040
19thPOL14Pawel Pawlaczyk‑3012168541
20thGER803Martin von Zimmermann7179‑231144
21stDEN1492Jesper Bendix161112‑29948
22ndDEN8Frederik Svendsen38(DNC)32649
23rdGBR2188Ian Hopwood‑59616101951
24thSWE6Hakan Tornqvist14‑3420111257
25thSWE59Lars Edwall2110‑2919858
26thSWE2830Jonas Borjesson‑3981473261
27thGBR21Christopher Arnell2092212‑2363
28thDEN1477Jorgen Holm17‑3110201865
29thGER5Ralf Tietje28101711‑3566
30thGER789Ingo Ballerstein724‑28251268
31stSWE2803Marten Bernesand3162726‑3172
32ndGER791Frank Strelow‑26241492572
33rdGER7Andreas Pich102813‑342172
34thGBR2185Ed Bradburn22‑2818151772
35thDEN1433Henrik Kimmer Petersen625‑36162774
36thSWE2788Jan‑Erik Engholm61825‑272675
37thSWE20Stefan Pavia2427196(DNC)76
38thGER775Jorg Rademacher32211113‑4077
39thDEN1Bo Reker Andersen2329189(BFD)79
40thPOL19Grzegorz Salamon152128‑471579
41stGER721Jørn Wille20‑3827151779
42ndPOL7Marek Bernat9132534‑3681
43rdGER806Jan Kurfeld5(BFD)1DNC982
44thDEN22Ask Askholm‑521823172482
45thDEN1442Peter Heide22‑3219172482
46thGER731Thomas Glas272024(DNC)1384
47thDEN140Jan Hempel Sparsø251530‑371484
48thGBR67Andrew Rushworth540‑41162687
49thSWE8Bengt Larsson15306‑603990
50thSWE2812Stefan Fagerlund12293218‑4791
51stGBR2145Douglas Powell37‑4723142094
52ndDEN703Christian Thomsen43438‑411995
53rdDEN77Jesper Strandberg‑332626321195
54thGER12Stefan Rassau18‑4633222295
55thDEN1304Christian Midtgaard29141341‑4497
56thDEN1303John Skjoldby Petersen17‑3822302998
57thSWE2809Thomas Skeppmark3016‑401837101
58thDEN1463Lars Andresen‑4413313127102
59thBEL230Jacques Pirenne322320‑3628103
60thDEN1465Niels Bjørling(BFD)36152133105
61stDEN1457Christian Teller31272126‑52105
62ndGER4Lutz Boguhn21193630‑39106
63rdGER8Ronald Foest‑4233392213107
64thDEN1454Fritz Banner Pedersen‑5823411334111
65thDEN1382Stig Lassen1831‑443629114
66thDEN66Frank Berg253337‑4020115
67thGER11Rainer Pospiech361730‑3836119
68thDEN1483Henri Skou1430‑582849121
69thSWE3Jonny Billstrom26462920‑54121
70thDEN107Joe Schubert33(BFD)244222121
71stPOL44Przemyslaw Drozdzik‑4026373325121
72ndPOL9Przemysnaw Kryszczynski(BFD)20213150122
73rdDEN1395Anders Buhl19353139‑42124
74thGER767Maja Hansson‑Mild‑4332334318126
75thDEN1481Nils Trolland38(BFD)124334127
76thDEN1316Jesper Sommer‑4335423516128
77thNED667Hessel Hoekstra‑4715343941129
78thSWE2804Ingmar Janson34362633(DNC)129
79thDEN1377Jonathan Prom Scharff84217(DNC)DNC134
80thSWE80Arne Malm3141‑462441137
81stDEN7Malte Pedersen‑45 DP322540141
82ndDEN1396Stig Frandsen60224021(DNC)143
83rdGER22Dirk Gericke352542‑5642144
84thSWE2749Jan‑Eric Nystedt5019(BFD)4038147
86thDEN1482Tim Normann36‑59385523152
87thGBR4Simon Cox38‑60353545153
88thDEN1392Poul Vincents35‑51394931154
89thDEN1424Henrik Hamann3939‑563838154
90thDEN1415Thomas Christensen443745‑4830156
91stGBR2124Will Croxford48‑52342748157
92ndDEN1430Rene Brunn(DSQ)45352949158
93rdGER777Jorg Sylvester23‑52464447160
94thDEN1484Olof Stenstrom29‑55495035163
95thDEN70Bo Jensen4143‑524633163
96thGER678Heinz Ridder49‑54432845165
97thGER607Gerd Breitbart24405450‑59168
98thDEN1333Mads Bjorndal Robl‑5747532448172
99thSWE111Bertil Eliasson4541‑504543174
100thDEN666Peter Zeiler55‑58534821177
101stSWE55Ulf Sahle46434842‑50179
102ndDEN1441Peter Korsbjerg4142‑545146180
103rdDEN126Lars Moller525544‑5730181
104thSWE2816Claes Avellan4058‑625632186
105thGER680Jan‑Dietmar Dellas‑5544474751189
106thDEN1489Morten Jensen5349‑573755194
107thDEN1336Thomas Kvist48454952‑53194
108thSWE2802Claes Heyman‑5650485443195
109thNED638Sipke Heokstra47445946‑60196
110thDEN1499Anders Gerhardt‑Hansen(DNF)56594937201
111thGBR2163Gavin Waldron54504751‑56202
112thDEN1437Per Sorensen5448(DNC)5546203
113thNED669Sybren Hornstra514951‑5352203
114thSWE2792Anders Widding51(DNC)525351207
115thDEN1461Soren Nielsen(BFD)BFD454453209
116thDEN1305Flemming Hostgaard465650‑5857209
117thBEL203Joost Rommelaere53485159‑63211
118thDEN1458Soren Sigurdsson6259(DNC)5244217
119thGER539Uli Borchers49‑61555758219
120thDEN14Peter Thybo57575554(DNC)223
121stGBR2080Paul Pike50576060‑61227
122ndBEL214Paul Verrijdt4253(DNC)DNCDNC229
123rdDEN1262Dirch Zibrandtsen5662‑635855231
124thGER788Jessica Finke‑6161566154232
125thDEN1212Klaus Jørgensen‑6454615962236
126thGER651Frederik Rontgen58605862(DNC)238
127thDEN1417Ingo Griem(DNF)5357DNCDNC244
128thDEN112Svend Jacobsen6351(DNS)DNSDNC248
129thGBR2183Richard Burton(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC268
130thPOL40Robert Swiecki(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC268

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