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CoastWaterSports 2014

Sharps Doom Bar Salcombe Merlin Week - Day 4

by Tim Fells 5 Jul 2017 22:51 BST 2-7 July 2017

Wednesday dawned to another day of wall to wall sunshine but this time with the wind around in the East and hitting 20 knots on Prawle Point weather station.

Down in the harbour the wind was lighter but with a low tide start time and little options to set a usable course in the estuary, PRO Dave Greening in a big break from tradition sent the fleet to sea.

Blue v Black flights Course 3,C,B,3,1

As the letters went up on the race box, crews were seen desperately searching for their course maps and asking fellow competitors where on earth they were being sent.

A tight startline and first beat saw two black flag miscreants (Ian Sharps and Paul Rayson) pulled out on the run. Front runner around Crossways was Steve Crook and Sally Townend chased by William Warren and Mark Oakey with Jon Gorringe and Nicki Bass well up.

The seaward loop presented a broad reach to Stairhole, a long beat to Garra Rock and then a nice three-sailer back to the harbour. These conditions were obviously to William and Marks liking and they came back with a healthy lead, chased by Alan Roberts and Rob Henderson who had found the 'go button' on Nick Craig's boat.

The loop back around the harbour was back to trickier shifty sailing. William and Mark continued untroubled to take their first cannon of the week. Steve and Sally got their show back on the road to come home second with Chris Jennings and Pete Horn climbing strongly to close out the podium, just ahead of Richard Whitworth and Sam Mottershead. Jon and Nicki brought their new ship home in fifth just ahead of the fast charging Roger and Jane Gilbert.

Green v Red flights Course 4,M,4,1,3

For the afternoon race, the breeze was dropping and a sea course was considered too adventurous if it died further, so a maximum length windward leeward was set. With the flood tide underneath the fleet there was a rush for the line with four boats spotted over although none of the leading contenders.

The race featured the top three of the top four overall and it was second placed Taxi and Alex Warren who navigated a very shifty beat to Yalton the best to round first ahead of fourth placed Si Blake and Pippa Taylor. Overnight leaders Tim Fells and Fran Gifford extricated themselves from the pack to round in fourth.

The approach to mark M under Bolt Head cliffs was difficult with the wind very patchy. Si and Pippa who had passed to the east of Blackstone rocks, held better pressure to roll down over the top of Taxi and Alex and take the lead. From this it was a case of the richer getting richer as the leaders climbed up into better pressure in the harbour and stretched away.

Si and Pippa sailed a comfortable final loop and although Taxi and Alex pressed hard, they were ultimately untroubled and took their first cannon of the week. Behind the leading two, there was a ding dong battle for third which was resolved on the line with Chrises Gould and Kilby completing the podium ahead of Tim and Fran. Will and Rob Henderson settled for fifth ahead of Olly Turner and Holly Scott.

The eight races sailed have produced eight different race winners, showing the extraordinary competitiveness of this fleet. Taxi and Alex now hold a one point lead over Tim and Fran with Si and Pippa another point back.

The forecast for Thursday is for a healthy NE in the morning but for a sea breeze to try and establish itself around the time of the afternoon start. Should be interesting!

Results after Day 4:

PosSail NoFlightHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8Pts
1st3684GreenAndy DavisAlex WarrenBartley SC1(DNC)(DNC)36(DNC)(DNC)212
2nd3764RedTim FellsFrances GiffordSYC/Police Sailing UK6(DNC)1(DNC)(DNC)2(DNC)413
3rd3735GreenSimon BlakePippa TaylorCookham/Hollingworth3(DNC)(DNC)28(DNC)(DNC)114
4th3756BlackWilliam WarrenMark OakeyShoreham SC(DNC)6(DNC)4(DNC)31(DNC)14
5th3777BlueSimon PottsAlly PottsBurghfield(DNC)24(DNC)5(DNC)8(DNC)19
6th3788RedChristian BirrellSam BreareyWinsford Flash7(DNC)2(DNC)(DNC)5(DNC)721
7th3778GreenChris GouldChris KilsbyBartley SC4(DNC)(DNC)114(DNC)(DNC)322
8th3658BlackChris JenningsPete HornBurghfield(DNC)4(DNC)6(DNC)103(DNC)23
9th3726RedWill HendersonArthur HendersonSYC5(DNC)3(DNC)(DNC)11(DNC)524
10th3703BlackRichard WhitworthSam MottersheadParkstone & Hollingworth Lake(DNC)7(DNC)13(DNC)44(DNC)28
11th3743BlueMatt BiggsBen HollisBartley SC(DNC)18(DNC)13(DNC)9(DNC)31
12th3691BlueMike CalvertJane CalvertAxe YC(DNC)37(DNC)3(DNC)20(DNC)33
13th3722BlackRoger GilbertJane GilbertFrensham Pond SC(DNC)9(DNC)10(DNC)126(DNC)37
14th3774BlackJon TurnerRichard ParslowLyme Regis(DNC)13(DNC)11(DNC)114(DNC)39
15th3707RedAlex JacksonChris DownhamHampton SC2(DNC)5(DNC)(DNC)21(DNC)1139
16th3791BlueJon GorringeSadie AndersonParkstone(DNC)1114(DNC)9(DNC)5(DNC)39
17th3776BlackAlan RobertsRob HendersonHayling Island SC(DNC)10(DNC)8(DNC)147(DNC)39
18th3678BlackSteve CrookSally TownendHollingworth Lake SC(DNC)5(DNC)14(DNC)202(DNC)41
19th3781BlackDavid WinderOliver WinderHollingworth S.C(DNC)8(DNC)7(DNC)1613(DNC)44
20th3685GreenSophie MackleyMary HendersonShoreham SC11(DNC)(DNC)242(DNC)(DNC)845
21st3758RedTim SaxtonJodie GreenBurghfield SC14(DNC)9(DNC)(DNC)19(DNC)1052
22nd3702RedDuncan SalmonHarriet SalmonWembley SC15(DNC)13(DNC)(DNC)13(DNC)1354
23rd3710GreenJon IbbotsonNick CopseyBurghfield SC10(DNC)(DNC)1518(DNC)(DNC)1659
24th3641GreenMark WaterhouseMat CurrellParkstone YC22(DNC)(DNC)234(DNC)(DNC)1463
25th3727GreenMark StockbridgeEddie AtkinsRanelagh21(DNC)(DNC)1819(DNC)(DNC)967
26th3676BlackAntony GiffordJo GiffordRoyal Harwich YC(DNC)16(DNC)28(DNC)916(DNC)69
27th3611BlueChris DoddsAlex JonesNottingham SC(DNC)1515(DNC)32(DNC)10(DNC)72
28th3656GreenOlly TurnerMiss Holly ScottStarcross YC(BFD)(DNC)(DNC)51(DNC)DNC673
29th3659BlueJulian ParryEvan ParryHollingworth Lake SC(DNC)2220(DNC)22(DNC)12(DNC)76
30th3790BlueColin BrockbankMartin HughesWembley SC(DNC)1422(DNC)20(DNC)21(DNC)77
31st3665GreenRoss JacksonDave ReidShoreham SC18(DNC)(DNC)1917(DNC)(DNC)2579
32nd3652GreenJohn BellBellHampton SC23(DNC)(DNC)3115(DNC)(DNC)1281
33rd3730RedPaul HollisPaula MasonBlithfield SC12(DNC)16(DNC)(DNC)25(DNC)2881
34th3787GreenChris MartinTim HarmsMidland S C19(DNC)(DNC)1231(DNC)(DNC)2082
35th3753RedPiers LambertAndy BinesBrightlingsea SC27(DNC)21(DNC)(DNC)17(DNC)1984
36th3711BlackSam ThompsonLeanne HibberdRNSA(DNC)19(DNC)21(DNC)2422(DNC)86
37th3712BlackIan SharpsEllie SharpsBurnham SC(DNC)RDG(DNC)9(DNC)7(BFD)DNC88
38th3773RedAlan WarrenWill CarrollShoreham SC29(DNC)17(DNC)(DNC)23(DNC)2190
39th3784RedTony JohnsonLouise JohnsonLymington Town33(DNC)29(DNC)(DNC)6(DNC)2391
40th3766RedAndy DalbyPhil DalbyHampton SC13(DNC)19(DNC)(DNC)35(DNC)2491
41st3742RedIan DobsonRob AllenShoreham SC8(DNC)10(DNC)(DNC)(BFD)DNC1594
42nd3715BluePaul RaysonChristian HillSalcombe / Fishers Green(DNC)1211(DNC)11(DNC)(BFD)DNC95
43rd3675BlueDave CroftAbbie CroftRYA(DNC)2128(DNC)23(DNC)23(DNC)95
44th3752RedWill RaineyAndrea DownhamBurghfield SC16(DNC)12(DNC)(DNC)8(DNC)BFD97
45th3666RedJohn MeadowcroftChristian DaySYC20(DNC)27(DNC)(DNC)22(DNC)2998
46th3789GreenNick ScroggieJemima ScroggieParkstone36(DNC)(DNC)3412(DNC)(DNC)1799
47th3339RedTim MaleRebecca MaleClinker Club32(DNC)24(DNC)(DNC)27(DNC)18101
48th3761GreenDavid BurseyFrances BursleyParkstone YC24(DNC)(DNC)3810(DNC)(DNC)30102
49th3583RedColin AndersonSean AndersonBlithfield SC17(DNC)18(DNC)(DNC)36(DNC)31102
50th3757BlackAndy PostleTim ParsonsRWYC(DNC)18(DNC)32(DNC)2627(DNC)103
51st3725GreenAndrew SquireLaura EvansSYC35(DNC)(DNC)227(DNC)(DNC)40104
52nd3683BlueBen JonesHelen HildichShoreham SC/Tenby SC(DNC)2026(DNC)33(DNC)25(DNC)104
53rd3745BlackPaul DeanNicki Della PortaWembley SC(DNC)26(DNC)25(DNC)2924(DNC)104
54th3723RedAndrew HarrisJames WarrenTamesis9(DNC)25(DNC)(DNC)15(DNC)BFD110
55th3645BlueSteve HallAlison HallBurnham SC(DNC)(BFD)23(DNC)16(DNC)15DNC115
56th3771GreenLaurie SmartAlex PauseyUTSC38(DNC)(DNC)2924(DNC)(DNC)26117
57th3740BluePatrick BlakeAnna BurtonCookham(DNC)2930(DNC)34(DNC)28(DNC)121
58th3709BlackTom LonsdaleAlice MarkhamUTSC(DNC)30(DNC)16(DNC)(DNF)17DNC124
59th3731BlackAndy JonesMaddie JonesBurghfield(DNC)(BFD)(DNC)26(DNC)1819DNC124
60th3749BlueRein ZilvoldPhil ScottWhitstable YC(DNC)2536(DNC)25(DNC)40(DNC)126
61st3705RedGeoff WrightKatie WrightBlithfield SC37(DNC)32(DNC)(DNC)31(DNC)27127
62nd3769BlackGraham Cranford‑SmithFiona Cranford‑SmithSalcombe YC(DNC)33(DNC)37(DNC)2831(DNC)129
63rd3687GreenMatt GreenfieldMatt Lulham‑RobinsonChew Valley SC(BFD)(DNC)(DNC)1730(DNC)DNC22130
64th3780GreenNev HerbertKarl ThorneRoyal Lymington YC25(DNC)(DNC)2026(DNC)(DNC)BFD132
65th3615BlackStuart BatesTom DanielsHLSC(DNC)28(DNC)30(DNC)3836(DNC)132
66th3657BlackAnthony LoftsSophie PenwardenSYC(DNC)32(DNC)33(DNC)3335(DNC)133
67th3598GreenRobert SmithAndrew SmithSYC28(DNC)(DNC)4229(DNC)(DNC)37136
68th3648BlackAntonia WrightJamie WrightShoreham(DNC)35(DNC)35(DNC)3929(DNC)138
69th3673BlueCaroline CroftBeka JonesBartley SC(DNC)(BFD)6(DNC)(DNF)DNC11DNC139
70th3714BlackAlan MarkhamSue MarkhamUpper Thames SC(DNC)24(DNC)48(DNC)3730(DNC)139
71st3672RedJohn CooperHilary BradshawWhitstable YC40(DNC)35(DNC)(DNC)30(DNC)34139
72nd3573RedSimon BondAnna BondFrensham Pond/Hayling Island34(DNC)40(DNC)(DNC)32(DNC)36142
73rd3734GreenPhil AshworthAli AshworthWeymouth43(DNC)(DNC)3927(DNC)(DNC)35144
74th3585BlackJohn FildesCharlotte FildesBosham(DNC)23(DNC)44(DNC)4038(DNC)145
75th3696GreenRichard HarrisHarry HarrisTamesis31(DNC)(DNC)4628(DNC)(DNC)41146
76th3569BlueBen LulhamSamantha LulhamRutland SC(DNC)3642(DNC)40(DNC)32(DNC)150
77th3686BlackJeremy DeaconMichal Janowicz.Maidenhead Sailing Club(DNC)47(DNC)36(DNC)3434(DNC)151
78th3760BlueMark ReddingtonAnnabelle Ransome‑WilliamsBartley SC(DNC)3141(DNC)21(DNC)(DNF)DNC154
79th3621GreenTristram SquireShelia SquireSYC41(DNC)(DNC)4339(DNC)(DNC)32155
80th3647BlueHywel Bowen‑PerkinsLucy PenwardenHampton SC(DNC)3737(DNC)45(DNC)37(DNC)156
81st3682BlueJon StewardAnnabel StewardFishers Green SC(DNC)3933(DNC)(DNF)(DNC)26DNC159
82nd3704BlackJemma HughesRussell HallThames SC(DNC)27(DNC)47(DNC)4541(DNC)160
83rd3577BlackJoe ToshJack ToshFarmoor(DNC)43(DNC)41(DNC)4333(DNC)160
84th3575RedRichard CookeJames ScottWembley26(DNC)31(DNC)(DNC)(BFD)DNC43161
85th3544BlueDavid DownsRoss BrownTata Steel SC(DNC)3439(DNC)47(DNC)43(DNC)163
86th3697GreenRichard PagePeter PageHampton39(DNC)(DNC)4538(DNC)(DNC)44166
87th3690BlackTim HarridgeLucy BurnHampton SC(DNC)(DNF)(DNC)27(DNC)BFD18DNC167
88th3767GreenBen ArcherAndy CurrellParkstone YC30(DNC)(DNC)4037(DNC)(DNC)BFD168
89th3589BlueJohn HollandsTimmy ParkerHampton SC(DNC)4149(DNC)35(DNC)44(DNC)169
90th2663GreenChris HaworthJoe HowarthBlackpool & Fleetwood YC42(DNC)(DNC)5636(DNC)(DNC)39173
91st3548RedKevin RoseTim WilliamsUpper Thames SC47(DNC)53(DNC)(DNC)41(DNC)33174
92nd3599RedDuncan BellOliver JenkinsHampton SC(BFD)(DNC)38(DNC)(DNC)42DNC38179
93rd3695BluePete SlackDan JohnsonBlithfield SC(DNC)(WAY)34(DNC)46(DNC)39DNC180
94th3567BlueMartin SmithKaren BestonBlithfiled SC(DNC)3843(DNC)51(DNC)51(DNC)183
95th3587BlueHenry MasonBelinda MasonBlithfield SC(DNC)4945(DNC)41(DNC)48(DNC)183
96th3755RedPeter JacksonPauline MunroeBlackpool & Fleetwood YC50(DNC)44(DNC)(DNC)48(DNC)42184
97th3291RedDave PhilpottCarole MurcottGrafham Water SC44(DNC)47(DNC)(DNC)49(DNC)45185
98th3602BlackAnthony RickabyMarion ReadWSC(DNC)44(DNC)49(DNC)4646(DNC)185
99th3560BlackStuart JenkinsImogen JenkinsHampton SC(DNC)40(DNC)55(DNC)4450(DNC)189
100th3762RedMalcolm HyamsGodfrey ClarkeMidland S C45(DNC)48(DNC)(DNC)50(DNC)46189
101st3650BlackGareth GriffithsAlex NewtonLymington Town(DNC)45(DNC)54(DNC)4745(DNC)191
102nd3547GreenPeter MaleChristine MaleBlithfield & Salcombe46(DNC)(DNC)5048(DNC)(DNC)47191
103rd3644GreenJon BloicePhilippa BloiceWhitstable YC49(DNC)(DNC)5243(DNC)(DNC)48192
104th2997BlueHarry StewardAnna RaysonFishers Green(DNC)(DNF)46(DNC)44(DNC)42DNC193
105th3651BlueKeiran O'FarrellFionn O'Farrell (DNC)5151(DNC)49(DNC)47(DNC)198
106th3706GreenKevin AndersonSadie AndersonHampton SC48(DNC)(DNC)5350(DNC)(DNC)49200
107th3606BlueKen DuffellJoseph WoodsTamesis(DNC)(WAY)50(DNC)42(DNC)52DNC205
108th3530BlackMike CollesWilliam AndersonMidland S C(DNC)42(DNC)57(DNC)5453(DNC)206
109th3502BlackScott SmithChristopher SmithUpper Thames SC(DNC)46(DNC)51(DNC)5554(DNC)206
110th3625RedRichard BramleyTony ChealShoreham SC51(DNC)52(DNC)(DNC)51(DNC)53207
111th3717RedJohn GreenJames AlexanderWembley SC52(DNC)56(DNC)(DNC)53(DNC)50211
112th3414BlueIan LaingAndrew HuntHollingworth Lake SC(DNC)5055(DNC)54(DNC)55(DNC)214
113th3571GreenAlan FeistStephen ComleyBristol Corinthian YC54(DNC)(DNC)5853(DNC)(DNC)51216
114th3333GreenJohn AdamsNeville CaineTamesis53(DNC)(DNC)5952(DNC)(DNC)54218
115th3479BlueRupert FletcherTbaMidland(DNC)5258(DNC)55(DNC)56(DNC)221
116th3744RedChristopher LuscombeKaren LuscombeBlithfield SC(DNF)(DNC)57(DNC)(DNC)52DNC52222
117th3597BlueMo AllenAmy AllenFishers Green SC(DNC)(DNF)54(DNC)(DNF)DNC49DNC225
118th3586BlueKieron MasonGeorge MasonBlithfiled SC(DNC)48(DNC)(DNC)(DNF)DNCDNFDNC231
119th3655RedKaren HilesMartin WalkerShoreham SC(DNS)(DNC)(DNF)(DNC)DNC56DNC55233
120th3581GreenBrendan OConnellJanet OConnellBlithfield SC(DNF)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)56DNCDNCDNF239

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