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Squib National Championship at Holyhead Sailing Club - Overall

by Vincent Delany 23 Jun 2017 22:15 BST 17-23 June 2017
Squib Nationals at Holyhead 2017 © Peter Newton /

Unlike every other day this week, in what was generally a light air championship, the wind at the end of Holyhead breakwater was recorded to be blowing 22 knots this morning, with gusts of 27 knots. The forecast suggested gusts of 30 knots could be experienced during the day. David Lovegrove, the event PRO, went afloat at 10.00hrs, and headed to the south end of the race area off Carreg-y-Fran, where there was a confused sea, with a large swell surmounted by a short chop. Under the circumstances, he made the difficult decision to abandon racing for the day.

It was a difficult decision to make, in the light of the championship results over five races, with joint leaders, which were:

'Ric O'Shea' No. 136 sailed by Josh Metcalf and Mark Hogan, with (7), 3, 6, 4, 1 placings, or a total of 14 points. This boat had previously won the Squib championships in 2001, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '09, '11, '15, and for the past 13 years, Mark Hogan was the skilful and regular crew.

'Squib' No. 11 sailed by Dick Batt and Pamela Phelan, with 2, 6, 3, 3, (15) placings, or a total of 14 points. Dick with a different crew won the Squib championships previously, thirty-one years ago, in 1986, in 'Melody'.

Under the RRS regulation A8, a tie is resolved by comparing race results, and awarding the championship to the Squib with the greatest number of first places, etc., so the 2017 winner is 'Ric O'Shea'.

The conclusion among Squib sailors, is that there are so many fast boats, (probably 20 Squibs were capable of winning this year's championship) it was not a championship to find the fastest boat, but rather a championship to find the smartest sailors. The rigging and tuning of Squib keelboats has developed over many years, and this year there do not appear to be any technical developments (within strict Class rules) which make the boats faster. There is currently a technical plateau. This is born out by the high-scoring championship results, in which the top six boats discarded 7th, 15th, 23rd, 33rd, 10th, and 17th places respectively. Over the fives race series, there were five different race winners, with three different sailmakers. For the record they were:

  • Race 1: 'Alchemy' No. 800, Gerard Dyson and Tony Saltonstall from Royal Yorkshire Y.C..
  • Race 2: 'Humphrey' No. 823, Robert Coyle and Mark Rawinski from Royal Corinthian Y.C.
  • Race 3: 'Cariad Bach' No. 132, Alan Johnston and David Garlick from South Caernarfonshire Y.C.
  • Race 4: 'Chequermate' No. 157, Ian Gray and Ian Simons from Royal Corinthian Y.C.
  • Race 5: 'Ric O'Shea' No. 136, Josh Metcalf and mark Hogan from South Caernarfonshire Y.C.

Congratulations go to Holyhead Sailing Club for running an enjoyable and well-behaved regatta.

Overall Results:

PosSail NoBoat NameHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4R5Pts
1136RicO'SheaJosh MetcalfMark HoganSCYC‑7364114
211SquibRichard BattPamela PhelanRoyal Victoria YC2633‑1514
313AquabatMike ProbertSteve Warren‑SmithRoyal Victoria YC‑232116221
4132Cariad BachAlan JohnsonDavid GarlicSCYC571‑331225
523GraylingRichard RobinsonMark ThompsonSCYC984‑10526
6819Lady PenelopeMalc HutchingsJaxs HutchingsRoyal Corinthian YC109‑1712435
7137AtomicPhilip BarnesDavid ThomasTBSC12‑14851035
8157ChequemateIan GrayIan SimonsRoyal Corinthian YC20‑26121336
9823HumphreyRobert CoyleMark RawinskyRoyal Corinthian YC141187‑1940
10811SpoofMIckey WrightAlex PorteousRCYC13‑18139641
11800AlchemyGerard P DysonTony SaltonstallRoyal Yorkshire YC1‑2214141342
12105Helmut Shoing IINigel GroganJack GroganRoyal Corinthian YC417(DSQ)16946
1373BrimstoneBryan RileyJenny RileyWOB YC & RNSYC11139‑181447
1447InsatiableJohn BibbyLou BibbyTBSC3‑252212248
1533IncendioDavid LloydMark StonesRoyal Victoria YC & Portsmouth SC1812192‑2351
16797CrossfireDave BestPhil SnewinSCYC(DSQ)15530858
17847Lil QuickieTim JonesDavid MillerHolyhead Sailing Club & PYFMA810328‑3358
18789Dream OnBrian HollandTony SampsonSCYC1542324‑2866
1948PeriquinNoel ColcloughVincent DelanyDLMYC63021‑311168
20872PocahontasMike HughesGarry CatterallSCYC16‑277222469
21754MayhemSteve AllsoGlenn PritchardSCYC‑261120152672
2228ThistleRichard DateMark McGaryHolyhead Sailing Club21‑2815172174
2372Guy FawkesPhil AspinallHowies EnkelRoyal Corinthian YC1723‑34191776
24755CybiRichard RobertsJohn JonesHolyhead Sailing Club & PDSC1952827‑3579
25134AllegroColm DunneColm DalyKinsale YC2521‑2626779
2657BobonskiCraig HughesColin HardnerHolyhead Sailing Club221624‑291880
27807VolanteSimon WatsonBrian KellyKillyleagh SC27‑3110282085
2896MoonstoneMalcolm BlackburnDavid ShielSCYC3519‑36112792
29111SevenChris NeillHelen PetersTBSC24291625‑3794
30836Alky PopsCapt Gareth PritchardSteve Panad McQuirkHolyhead Sailing Club33202520‑3498
31845Rock 'N' RollJohn SparrowRalph BanthorpeSCYC‑302422232998
32878SiadwellMatthew RobertsTudur OwenHolyhead Sailing Club2933(DSQ)1332107
33880QuidsinMark KnightsIan KnightsRCYC283231‑3516107
34791Crazy DiamondOliver HuntMarc MoncrieffWOB YC31‑36303225118
35772ThreadbareTim JonesWilliam JonesRYYC32‑37273431124
3662Con BrioRoger SheersBill SmithHolyhead Sailing Club37342936‑38136
37829Kachina TooDavid HallDavid BattyeHolyhead Sailing Club343533(DNC)DNC143
38871GranantJas RutkowskiCaptain TudorHolyhead Sailing Club3839(DNS)3730144
39198PatriotPat GuestTed AlsopHolyhead Sailing Club36‑38353836145
40900Top DogTony GibsonEric LeeStone SC39‑40373939154