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Oriole Takes Flight

by Emma Gilmore, Grapefruit Graphics 7 Apr 2017 13:15 BST 7 April 2017
Oriole's hull wrap graphics by marine branding experts Grapefruit Graphics, designed by Anna Jacobs © Grapefruit Graphics

Grapefruit Graphics collaborate with Rubicon 3 and Anna Jacobs to deliver show stopping wrap #2

The marine branding experts Grapefruit Graphics joined forces with local artist Anna Jacobs this month to deliver another stunning hull wrap for Rubicon 3.

Oriole, a Bowman 57 and sister ship of Hummingbird previously branded by Grapefruit Graphics in 2013, was given a complete transformation over two days to attain an akin yet bespoke livery of her own.

Co-founder of Rubicon 3, Bruce Jacobs, expressed his pleasure with the end result together with the reasoning behind Oriole and Hummingbirds' bold designs:

"As any sailor knows, marinas can be cold grey places at times and we wanted our yachts to be beacons of warmth and friendliness," said Jacobs. "We commissioned the London artist Anna Jacobs to transform our plain white hull into something magical and she delivered a truly incredible design with Hummingbird and now an equally sensational look with Oriole. These are complex designs to produce and we chose Grapefruit due to their many years of expertise in this area but also their friendly and easy going approach, which was key for us. They have been a brilliant partner in these projects and together Rubicon 3 and Grapefruit have produced two truly iconic looking yachts."

The process behind developing a wrap of this kind is both time intensive and technical, but undoubtedly worthwhile. Grapefruit Graphics' senior designer, Matt Taylor, explains what sets these design projects apart from others:

"We're used to starting out with the clients brief and developing a design concept based on their requirements. In these instances, artist Anna Jacobs has produced a beautiful painting and used this as the foundation to create her own design for Oriole. Offering our knowledge of digital print and vinyl application, we worked closely with Anna to ensure that the composition and colours in her artwork would stay true and fall onto the Bowman as intended when she first put brush to paper. The result is truly stunning and testament to Anna's creativity and our knowledge of the branding process."

Oriole underwent her transformation at Endeavour Quay in Gosport, England with artist Anna Jacobs in attendance to witness her creation come to life.

Jacobs was impressed by Grapefruit Graphics from start to finish.

"Grapefruit Graphics are a fantastic company to work with, as a designer. They were very skilfully able to scale up my original hand painted artwork quite significantly and translated my original design beautifully. They were patient and responsive and just as keen as I was to get the design perfect. They then did a fantastic job on finally installing the design on the yacht. Would highly recommend them - in fact, I already have!"

For more information on Rubicon 3, Anna Jacobs Design or Grapefruit Graphics, visit their websites below: