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Ovington Boats 2014

Fleetwood Saturday Dragon Force Spring Series - Day 1

by Tony Wilson 21 Mar 2017 06:50 GMT 18 March 2017

With a full lake now we were the first to reintroduce our boats for some Saturday racing. You felt like you were abroad in the Mediterranean somewhere as the water had a lovely Blue/Green colour looking typically tropical, especially when compared to next door which has a brownish khaki hue from the clay based foundation.

This time the DF95 had the early start and it was already raining, plus there was a good breeze. The decision was for the B rigs from the word go, but then after some difficulty a few Skippers resumed back to the boat shed to replace them with the C's.

Any onlookers would have noticed a lot of fettling and re-trimming as the time was passing by. Being still in its infancy, the use of all rigs and optimum usage is still underway. Tim Lanigan, one of the better racers, is always very helpful and willing to give of his expertise to sharing his good knowledge for a better chance to hopefully catch him.

Mike had looked like he had been through the wars with his beloved boat, as at one stage it had become de-masted, but we were all in for a battle when he returned later on to show he was still up for some more and not to be beaten.

Six races were held at the bottom end of the lake where there was less chop and more out of the wind.

The Df65s then had their go, and some that possess both boats were in for an additional soaking from the persistent drizzle. The same course was used and helped along from guys from the previous group to help recording the 8 races.

Tim L. won both of the outings and he was impressed and happy from the tactical battles from his sparring partner Chris Chatfield, who eventually was able to clinch 2nd place.

It's great to be back on our lake and just in time for the weekend's serious event coming up. It's Fleetwood turn for the dual TT Dragon race. Tim's promise for the long range forecast is that it's looking good, and you should just disregard the midweek snow report on XC weather. Saturday will have Df65 racing and Sunday is for the DF95. So far we have no fewer than 25 entries and most sail in both classes.

Please see below for both Captain's reports:

DF Squadron Report (by Ken Crabtree)

First up this time the DF95s. Here's Garry's report:

A golden opportunity to test the smaller rigs was enjoyed by six enthusiastic skippers in less than welcoming weather on our freshly filled lake. Various rig failures were experienced and some inventive tuning proved to be valuable knowledge. Six races on a simple two marker up and downwind course had everyone trailing in Tim's wake and Eric, who had borrowed a B-rig, was a sight to behold on the run. I trust that everyone who has not already entered and, can make it, comes and supports the club at the Dragon Travellers racing this coming weekend.

DF95 Results:

1 Tim Lanigan 4pts
2 Peter Iles 9pts
3 Eric Reid 10pts

Next up were the Df65s

By now the rain had eased off and the wind had dropped a bit so we all started off with B-rigs on a sausage course, starting and finishing on a beat. After race one Tony had leak problems, again, and had to retire. The wind dropped more during the fourth and fifth races so we broke for 10 minutes whilst everyone went up to the A-rig. The forecast for the DF TT event on Saturday is full sun so no excuse for missing out what should be great couple of days.

Df65 Results:

1 Tim Lanigan 6pts
2 Chris Chatfield 11pts
3 Garry Benson 18pts