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Ancasta Botin Fast40

Blithfield Barrel Series Round 3

by Chris Martin 8 Jan 2017 17:51 GMT 8 January 2017

After the gales over the Christmas period that wreaked havoc in the dinghy park, a quiet day was forecast for the Barrel with the tantalising hope that the stronger winds forecast for Monday might come through early. This was a faint hope, but what nobody had anticipated was the thick fog that covered the lake giving less than 50m visibility on arrival.

People started to arrive at the club but the damp and windless conditions were not inviting and the fog removed any temptation whatsoever to start unpacking boats.

At 11:30 PRO Steve Watson announced that there would be a postponement for lunch, and Steve was talked into moonlighting in his other role as a rules advisor delivering a talk on the changes to the 2017 rules that are now in force.

While this was all taking place every now and then the far side of the lake would appear, only to be veiled in fog again 10 minutes later. By 2pm it was obvious that racing would not be possible and Steve announced that the days racing was abandoned.

Thanks to everyone who turned up with the hope of going sailing. We hope to be able to deliver for the last round on 12th February - if two races are sailed there will still be two discards.

Thanks also to everyone who came to help put the day on - PRO Steve and the band of unsung heroes including Brian and Keith Walker in the RIBs with Isaac Agusta and Mark Hadfield, Paul Egerton and Andy Hind AOD. Apologies to anyone I’ve missed!

We look forward to welcoming everyone back on the 12th February for the last round. Can someone please bring some wind?