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Solo National Championships at Brightlingsea Sailing Club - Overall

by Fiona Brown 2 Aug 2014 09:10 BST 26 July - 1 August 2014

After six days of intense competition and despite a momentary stumble in the penultimate race, Charlie Cumbley has retained his Solo National Champion status, beating Steve Cockerill and Andy Davis for the top step of the podium.

Runner up Steve Cockerill claims the title of Veteran Champion, while Niall Houston takes the Youth Champion title, Vanda Jowett is the top Lady and John Webster wins Grand Master.

The final day of sailing brought a lovely southerly breeze to make for two exciting final races. For once no one fell foul of the black flag and the fleet completed races eleven and twelve in great style with plenty of fast paced action.

Charlie Cumbley got his day off to a tricky start with an eighth place, his worst on the water finish of the series (he was also black flagged in race one), but he came back strongly in the final race to finish second and secure the series by eight points. The first race of the day, race 11 of the series, was won by Michael Sims, with Ross Harvey second and Andy Davis third.

Going into the final race Cumbley had a reasonable, but not unassailable, lead of six points from Cockerill with Davis eleven points back in third. Davis, who counted 31 points, had Harvey (36 points), Andy Tunnicliffe (35 points) and Pete Mitchelle (38 points) all breathing down his neck for the final step of the podium.

It was a nail biting race in which Harvey claimed his fist victory of the event. Cumbley followed him across the line in second place which ensured his overall victory. Behind them Chris Goldhawk took third place, his first top five result of the week, and then Cockerill finished fourth to secure second. Andy Davis slid in behind him for fifth in the race and third place overall.

Despite the at times tricky weather conditions, it has been a fantastic championship with some exceptionally close racing. The 69 strong fleet made a spectacular sight as they vied for positions at every mark and gave the watching spectators plenty to keep them on the edge of their seats. Cumbley sailed an outstanding regatta to retain his National title, and his fellow competitors acknowledge his achievement with resounding applause at the prize giving.

Race Officer David Charlton and his team did an excellent job of managing the racing in what were often very trying conditions, and once again the Brightlingsea Sailing Club all volunteer team did a great job of looking after the competitors both on and off the water.

Huge congratulations go to Charlie and to special division winners on their hard earned victories.

Overall Results:
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PosSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R9R10R11R12Pts
1st5387Charlie CumbleyTeign Corinthian SC(BFD)11154121‑8218
2nd5544Steve CockerillHayling Island SC25‑103‑1432124426
3rd5465Andy DavisBlithfield SC‑5524431(BFD)453531
4th5495Ross HarveyHayling Island SC‑1876922(BFD)532137
5th5340Andy TunnicliffeRoyal Windermere YC‑32352483‑1046641
6th5509Pete MitchellHayling Island SC142‑118543(BFD)11846
7th5492Andrew WildeCarsington SC‑468851656117‑1557
8th5491Michael SimsCarsington SC‑2563610116981‑1360
9th5362Chris GoldhawkChew Valley SC61398‑15121279‑16379
10th5225Steve EdeArdleigh SC512121417‑22108(BFD)5790
11th5256Niall HoustonHayling Island SC‑59‑1471291381110101090
12th5302Shane MacCartheyGreystones SC‑299111061411‑27142411110
13th4921Chris MayhewRoyal Harwich YC4‑2217712199151814‑21115
14th5528Chris BrownDraycote SC7101513‑37‑47182520139130
15th5386Stephen GrahamBurwain SC81916161124(BFD)16(BFD)1812140
16th5130Mark LeeWeymouth1720‑24‑31161620187920143
17th5473Steve DenisonHollingworth Lake SC‑3424252477713(BFD)2314144
18th5234Alex CorbyKing George SC‑3918‑28252292122132517172
19th5518Innes ArmstrongBurwain SC131119‑30242727212717(DNC)186
20th5462Simon JonesTeign Corinthian SC19172619(BFD)‑301926261222186
21st5126Vanda JowettLittleton SC15(BFD)212713232917(BFD)2030195
22nd5134Robert LaurieRYA23‑47.53122‑33211619172227198
23rd5455Mark MaskellBlackwater SC2016‑43‑3930181728152732203
24th5525Oliver WellsNorthampton SC(DNC)(DNC)302320292412123125206
25th5475Vince HoreyKing George SC(DNC)(DNC)131828251414621OCS211
26th5488John WebsterCarsington SC2728‑38152128‑4023213023216
27th5449Chris RobinsonBlackpool & Fleetwood YC26‑40.527‑3227103031222619218
28th5406Jarvis SimpsonRYA1627202629‑33153323‑4431220
29th5309Ray CollinsTBD‑35292328‑32202324311926223
30th5444Graham Cranford‑SmithSalcombe YC382629171817(BFD)291934(DNC)227
31st5037Alistair RaynardCarsington SC(DNF)21333336‑452236401516252
32nd4510Geoff HoldenNorthampton SC33341420‑39‑392835322933258
33rd5023Brian HollandSouth Caernarvonshire YC‑40233436313225203932‑45272
34th5423Simon HillHayling Island SC12‑46‑513841263440333724285
35th5026Jason AldousPapercourt SC‑503749.5(DNF)23363730292828297.5
36th5115Andrew BoycePapercourt SC421522(DNF)2634(BFD)32BFD4018301
37th5377S WaiteHighcliffe SC11‑49323542‑524334354529306
38th5259Roger WilsonRollesby Broad SC24454140503713‑5824‑5434308
39th5102Jonathan JowettLittleton SC‑44333629‑51414238423336330
40th5183Malcolm MackleySalcombe YC31444037‑464033‑47343835332
41st5505Lee TennantBurwain SC103249.5432559(BFD)512543(DNC)337.5
42nd5507Patrick BurnsRYA4738‑59(DNF)19445655163943357
43rd4386Oliver KingBrightlingsea SC‑6340.55756‑62313541284237367.5
44th4942Roger MillettChichester YC41513734‑55‑564748453642381
45th4679David SandersPapercourt SC224248(DNF)47.553(BFD)43374150383.5
46th5432Brenda HoultHayling Island SC33644(DNF)3815(BFD)DNFDNC35DNC387
47th4537Matt TothillLeigh on Sea37‑58‑544449353252415344387
48th5202Frank BrownPapercourt SC5139‑5348.544.542‑5542305041388
49th4506Andy AndersonHunts SC‑5635395047.5464144(BFD)4938389.5
50th4528Fergus O'SullivanArdleigh SC2853‑615540‑573154435146401
51st4589Ian AyresRollesby Broad SC3660(DNF)(DNC)43483846384747403
52nd5472Robert HawkinsHickling SC9(BFD)(DNF)DNC34.5494449525539403.5
53rd5501Gavin VaughanCarsington SC‑53‑53525152384939484640415
54th5237Derek JackmanChichester YC145045.54544.5554845(DNF)(DNC)DNC419
55th5506Noel WestBough Beech SC‑624345.55258504637(BFD)4848427.5
56th5373Phil SturmerRoyal Burnham SC21304742565145(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC436
57th4023Colin WalkerLeigh on Sea‑60535546595836503656(DNC)449
58th5138Patrick OversPaxton Lakes SC4359‑60545743535644‑6053462
59th5286Nick FisherChew Valley SC54(DNF)352134.560.551(DNC)DNCDNCDNC472
60th3904Robin TothillLeigh on Sea SC52575647‑63‑625253495751474
61st3430John AlaniLeigh on Sea SC‑6155‑645354545057465854481
62nd5137Derek MayhewRoyal Harwich YC496163(DNF)606339(BFD)505249486
63rd5243Richard ChristmasHunts SC4556‑62(DNF)5360.55459476256492.5
64th5324Steve CorbyKing George SC303118(DNF)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC511
65th5152Andrew ThompsonChipstead SC6447.54248.5(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC5952529
66th4716Jim ScottCarsington SC48255841(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC532
67th5052Martin BanburyArdleigh SC5763(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC266051DNCDNC545
68th4524Paul WhybrowTamar Lake SC5862(DNF)(DNC)6164DNF61536155547
69th5178Nick RawlingsHayling Island SC(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC648
69th5422Paul TaskerTeign Corinthian SC(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC648