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Sekonda RS Feva Nationals at Hayling Island - Overall

by Bill Tucker 1 Jun 2010 15:58 BST 29-31 May 2010
Sekonda RS Feva Nationals at Hayling © Angus Peel

Robert Baddeley and James Taylor win the title in a superb come from behind display. But that is only part of the story of the tightest finish in years. They took it on countback from evergreen Team Kernow – Jack Hawkins and Chris Thomas. Robert Baddeley decided at the prize giving that discretion was the better part of valour and let James Taylor do the honours with the microphone. In a mature speech he repeated what the boys had already privately said. But we’ll come to that...

The final day dawned sunny and much windier than forecast. Sadly the clouds came in and the idea of a good thermal breeze was squashed. But would it die before it let 3 races be run? This was important as three races were needed to get any discard from the Final Series Gold & Silver Fleet racing. The wind proved to be quite shifty and there was some over eagerness on the line causing more time to be swallowed up. Bev Moss’s (PRO) nerves must have been as shredded as those of the leading contenders going into the final day. Different reasons of course but just as vital. Rob & James came into the day on 15 points and something special was needed to salvage this one. Queue the mood music...

There was this whooshing noise as the two from Burghfield and Wraysbury Lake sent up plumes of spray as they disappeared over the horizon. OK, well not quite plumes but it was pretty much a horizon job. After that first race smart money was still on Tim & Jack Johnson as they had added a second to their hold over score of 2 from the qualifying series. Q’series winners Rob & Emma Loveridge had a tough 11th so still in the hunt but now hunting rather than being hunted. Jack and Milli Parkin continued to show impressive form by adding a 5th to their to the carried over 11th. Jack Hawkins & Chris Thomas added a 6th to their 5th and were also right in there. Meanwhile Marshall & Robbie King were still needing that good result after being slightly off the pace in 12th to add to the 3rd.

The next race was softer but still fair going. Baddeley & Taylor were ‘slow’ to the top mark. They knew they needed to nail some more places to get to the podium. Those ahead opened the door by going to high on the reach to the outer loop. No smaller invitation was ever more gratefully received. It turned out to be the Championship winning move. Score another 1st but ever so much closer. Score 17pts . Could anyone pip the two chargers? Jack & Milli Parkin got 2nd so made it close with 19. Ruth & Tess Allan came 3rd – total only 29 though so out of the overall choccies due to a hard won 19th in the previous race. Still leading girls though. That made a big difference to Marshall & Robbie though as their 4th gave a total 19 and behind the Parkins on countback so far. 5th was a brilliant Robert Masterman & Suzy Peters who had scraped into gold in the last available place! So,so tough though (is that allowed to have those two words so close together?) on Team Kernow as integral parts Jack Hawkins & Chris Thomas were 6th –total 17 and behind Robert & James on countback. Still, one more race to go and that could throw something very different as discards would also close in...

But that is when it go even tougher on the Silver Fleet. With such hot racers having failed to make the cut this was a very serious competition to win. Will Acres & Ed Bowman were closing in on win in the second race of the day to take the lead in the series. They got agonisingly close to the finish line in the failing wind but never quite made it. Abandoned for the poor sods leaving them still 7th. Gutted.

So both fleets were sent ashore and racing was wrapped up. In the Gold Fleet it took a tie break to separate Robert Baddeley & James Taylor from Jack Hawkins& Chris Thomas. It also took a tie break to separate 3rd and 4th with Jack & Milli Parkin taking it from Marshal & Robbie King. When results are studied it is normal for consistency to win. By that criteria Team Kernow should have had it. The only boat to have scored everything under 6th and indeed all top 10 results. Everybody else had at least one pants result. But that was to reckon without final day brilliance.

Unfortunately their was a scoring issue that didn’t come to final resolution until after the Prize Giving. I felt for Tom Mitchell & Oliver Scott from Docklands SC as it was genuinely believed that they had scored an amazing win in the Silver Fleet. Sadly it turned out that there had been an error with a recorded result miscorrected. They would have been wonderful winners... but weren’t on this occasion. The next time!

Prize Winners:

1st Robert Baddeley & James Taylor
2nd Jack Hawkins & Chris Thomas
3rd Jack & Milli Parkin
4th Marshall & Robbie King
5th Tim & Jack Johnson
6th Ruth & Tess Allan

Best RYA region for the Anemoi Regional Challenge:
South Zone (Baddeley/Taylor; William & Piers Nicholls; Emily Peters/Alice Masterman) Results couldn’t include any RYA NJS boats.

LDC/RS Racing Trophy for the Interclub Challenge:
HISC (Jack & Milli Parkin; William & Piers Nicholls; Owen Bowerman/Charlie Darling)

1st Jack & Milli Parkin
2nd Marshall & Robbie King
3rd Tim & Jack Johnson

Silver Fleet:
1st Harry Bowerman & George Thompson
2nd Barnaby Blackstone & Ben Moverly-Smith
3rd Cameron & Steph Webber (with apologies to those who didn’t get the acclaim they deserved)

National Junior Champion: (Helm & Crew under 13 on 1st day of event)
1st Owen Bowerman & Charlie Darling
2nd Jemima Lawson & Jenny Cropley
3rd Hugo Andrews & Hannah Muskett

National Boys Champions: (both male and 17 or under on 1st day of event)
1st Robert Baddeley & James Taylor
2nd Jack Hawkins & Chris Thomas
3rd Morgan Peach & Herbie Harford

National Ladies Champions: (both female and under 17 on 1st day of event)
1st Ruth & Tess Allan
2nd Cathy Lear & Francine Counsell
3rd Emily Peters & Alice Masterman

So the other awards?: The Black Bin Bag award went to Matt Whitfield and Gareth Viner for having the most consistent series of anyone – 4 black flags out of 5 races! Oh and yes, he won the other one. The real award was 1 of 5 sets of generous English Braid full set of top quality Feva Ropes. Another of these sets of ropes went to Enrico Maccaferri and Matteo Soccarola who won the top overseas performance (Italy and 17th as you ask). Rob & Emma Loveridge also won a rope kit prize as Q’ series winners as did the Boys & Ladies Champions. Many thanks to English Braid for those prizes.

So much more to tell but you’ll have to look on the blog for all that. So thanks to Penny Carter for the superb on the water judging and protest hearing (+2 ashore! Roger and Hugo), Dave Nicholls for keeping everyone safe (+ a heavenly host of helpers), the registration ladies, Tally keepers, and HISC as all round wonderful hosts and organisers. Sekonda we couldn’t do without off course and this was their 4th year with us – we much appreciate such long term, loyal sponsorship particularly in this last year or so! I know that not all helpers got a full thank you at the prizegiving and I apologise for that. Finger trouble on the thank you list was to blame. Hope you all enjoyed it and can warm the cockles of your hearts in the knowledge you all made this superb event possible. Thank You!

More photos available here.

Overall Results:

Gold Fleet

PosSail NoHelmCrewQ RankR1R2Pts
1st3307Robert BADDELEYJames TAYLOR151117
2nd2821Jack HAWKINSChris THOMAS56617
3rd2147Jack PARKINMilli PARKIN125219
4th655Marshall KINGRobbie KING312419
5th3338Tim JOHNSONJack JOHNSON222226
6th2600Ruth ALLANTess ALLAN719329
7th3066Morgan PEACHHerbie HARFORD147930
8th3811Robert LOVERIDGEEmma LOVERIDGE1111830
9th2587Adam KAYLisa KAY1032033
10th3792Robert MORRISRebecca MORRIS842537
11thPSC22Aaron SMITHJamie SMITH9181542
12th3547Cathy LEARFrancine COUNSELL11211446
13th2034William NICHOLLSPiers NICHOLLS17152456
14th3105Owen BOWERMANCharlie DARLING3381657
15th3027Tristan ELLISSam CURTIS4203357
16th3184Emily PETERSAlice MASTERMAN13271959
17th3360Jemima LAWSONJenny CROPLEY42101062
18th1250Jovian SHORTJames BARLOW23162665
19th3120Vikki PAYNESteffi ORTON6322765
20th1918Debbie DARLINGTom DARLING529869
21st3864Enrico MACCAFERRIMatteo SACCAROLA20391170
22nd3738Sam YEARSLEYEllie BURROWS26252172
23rd3734Emily NAGELSarah KENT18233677
24th3840George SHELLEYEdward SHELLEY25401378
25th2416Robert MASTERMANSuzy PETERS6017582
26th2617Jacob BARNETTAndrew BRIERLEY28262882
27th3001Hugo ANDREWSHannah MUSKETT41301283
28th3818Anna PRESCOTTJess EALES34361787
29th73Lindy PRESCOTTKatie PRESCOTT36223088
30th365Amber BROWNJames BROWN22283888
31st1251Thomas JOHNSONChay TAYLOR35292993
32nd1140Rebecca ANTHONYFinbar PRESTON37342394
33rd1525Jack HAWKES-SMITHOliver WRIGHT27DSQ795
34th3394Chris ALLENJamie ALLEN2114DNC96
35th2508Jack MARTINRobert MCPHERSON40243296
36th3746Misha RADIONOVSKYTony DUFFY43134197
37th2995Gemma BIRDGuy WILKINSON533131115
38th3909Rory HUNTERScott CURRIE303849117
39th3000Delanie RUTTERThomas RICHARDSON314839118
40th2216Graham BECKJonathan BECK165647119
41st3741Seb BAUCUTTWill CAMERON394140120
42nd3458Hugo TUCKERTom COLLINO453542122
43rd1307Richard RANDALLSam BARSON473343123
44th3098Clare CHAPPLEHannah RICKARDS324745124
45th1192Chris MILESRosie MILES294452125
46th3781Niall HOUSTONHector NELSON24DNC44129
47th3590Sully ILLINGFinley BOON494637132
48th2744Freddie CLEARYCharlie RIDOUT544535134
49th2519James MIDDLETONToby THOMAS385051139
50th300Mimi EL-KHAZINDARAilsa MUSKETT574934140
51st3341Will HUSSEYTom OLIVER444254140
53rd2741Alex TALBOTLucy PRATT593746142
54th833Immie ADSHEADEmily HINE465148145
55th3697Ollie GLANVILLEDavid JACKSON515250153
56th2920Joe BURGINAngus INMAN554357155
57th3383Nick PARKESMatthew BECK505353156
58th2099Richard APTHORPCharles APTHORP485555158
59th2915Tom NEATEGeorge HUNTER565458168
60th3030William PROUDEmily PROUD585756171

Silver Fleet

PosSail NoHelmCrewQ RankR1Pts
1st1664Harry BOWERMANGeorge THOMPSON76379
3rd843Cameron WEBBERSteph WEBBER711182
4th870Joe WINBUSHJamie PEARSON612283
5th1354Emma SCOURFIELDChloe PHARE632588
6th148Sophie ANDREWSIona WILLIAMS622688
7th576Will ACRESEd BOWMAN85691
8th2046Matt HILLJoe REEVE811495
9th2509Ross MACKLEYThomas STEWART91596
10th3815Molly GILBERTMollie LIPPETT791796
11th2012Phoebe WARRENTabitha PEEL752398
12th3908Molly GRIFFINDominic HALL692998
13th3018Tristan BRACEGIRDLEYann BRACEGIRDLE974101
14th3487Katie HEDGECOCKEllie MAYES7031101
15th3743Will ARNDTJack MOREL-PAULO8915104
16th2045Charlotte ALSTONTilly HAMILTON-IVORY8816104
17th121Hannah MAYCOCKThomas MAYCOCK6539104
18th113William CHANTERLuke FISHER969105
19th1694Christiana LEWISMia LEWIS8718105
20th3896Davide CHINCOLIMattia CHINCOLI1042106
21st2991Meg BACKHOUSEJames PENTY7828106
22nd380GFreddie VERBURGHTRoss BANHAM8621107
23rd1036Charlie JONESJames PHILLIPS6444108
24th3100Lucy HARRISHarriet WARD6742109
25th1883Sophie WARDWill WARD9020110
26th2577Jamie WEBBSyd MACLEAN1101111
27th3496Keith WHITFIELDAlex WHITFIELD9912111
28th3788Tom MITCHELLOliver SCOTT10210112
29th3388Georgina RIDLERElodie JACKSON7438112
30th1065Neil HUNTERErin MILLS6646112
31st2828Emma PEARSONMillie GIBBONS8330113
32nd3537Lily SUMMERSIslay GRANT8232114
33rd3424Imogen SCOTTCourtney BILBROUGH10313116
34th850Harry LITTMax HATFULL6848116
35th1839Will MARTINPeter WHEATCROFT8037117
36th759Coral CROUCHBeth GARLAND7740117
37th1583Ella STOGGALLMorgan DIBB9227119
38thPSC24Esther FENTON-JONESJessy HAMMETT1137120
39th1308Rupert MOLYNEUXWill FROST10119120
40th3733Edward COATESTom NICHOLLS9834132
41st3357Matilda DOLINPaul Delic73DNC134
42nd797Ella MITCHELLHannah JENNINGS11224136
43rd3737Finn O'NEILAlex TRAVERS9541136
44th2215Max GRIGGSCody GRIGGS10633139
45th3782David MCADAMAsher ROBINSON10735142
46th1485Johanna HARLEYIsobel LEWIS9349142
47th1691Simon PERRYTom PERRY10936145
48th1829Lewis GARLANDOwen GWYN84DNC145
49th3355Thomas MOODYRachel MOODY10047147
50th862Oliver BARNES-DEANTom ROWELL10545150
51st3416Charlie STANNARDCallum DIXON10843151
52nd3672Sarah HUSSEYEmma BARNETT94DNC155
53rd2200Lucy MILESLaura STEVENS11150161
54th2376Iona DIXONShane MCCULLOUGH11351164
55th2603Russell PETERSFreddie PETERS113DNC174
55th2548Rob DUNFORDOllie ROBINSON113DNC174
55th2541Ethan LEVYRosie STAPLES113DNC174
55th3810Jack DANIELPoppy DANIEL113DNC174
55th2686Matthew WHITFIELDGareth VINEY113DSQ174
55th380UTom MCLEANSteve MCLEAN113DNC174