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Craftinsure 2012

Craftinsure Firefly Nationals at Torbay - Overall

by Damian Boreham 9 Aug 2008 20:02 BST 2-8 August 2008

The wind was gentle and coming straight of the land. The Race Committee set a windward mark close to the shore, which provided a very shifty beat which gave a very exciting battle for the Championships for those not in contention.

It took two attempts to get the gate start away and as the fleet went up the first beat the three leading boats were Tom Malhindine and Alice Currey, Paul and Laura Kameen and Mark Tait and Sally Wakefield. Stuart and Jane Hudson suffered at the start and never really recovered all day. This left the leading three to battle it out and the lead changed hands several times on the first lap.

On the second beat the three split with Paul and Laura furthest right, Tom and Alice in the middle and Mark and Sally off to the left. This proved to be the deciding move, as the right hand side of the course paid off.

The biggest gainers were Nigel Wakefield and Emily Sanderson who spotted the stronger wind on the right first overtaking everyone to lead around the top mark several hundred yards ahead, a lead they never lost.

Paul and Laura went on to finish 2nd and secure the 2008 Craftinsure Firefly National Championships.

Overall Results:

PosSail NoBoat NameHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8Pts
12018Biscuit BuffaloPaul KameenLaura KameenWest Kirby SC15261812225
22594 Tom MalhindineAlice CurreyRonstan164422711331
3498DidoMark TaitSally WakefieldWessex Exiles21014745831
43850Fursty FerretStuart HudsonJane HudsonWeston SC377147172546
53119HorrorRoger MorrisJemima RileyWessex Exiles5173111436648
62144FeatherliteBen VinesJenny VinesImperial Poona YC10315335531150
73096MattonLeo DixonLucy ArmstrongWest Kirby SC6895181622264
83615SkirmishJamie McEwenJo McEwenTamesis23610138981367
93674FloNigel WakefieldEmily Sanderson 141681461516174
103841GenesisIan SandersonSally WilsonRoyal Lymington YC71525162064977
112649MustardAlex DaveyAnnie GossRoyal Harwich YC1112237211411480
121954PogieEd SmithSarah PankImperial Poona YC281593220221095
133133Fourwood ThinkingBarney SmithAlannah WitherbyHamble River SC21111628391314.55108.5
143414MinkeAndrew Palmer-FelgateElizabeth Palmer-FelgateBurghfield SC82132119351433110
153612Red BaronMatt JohnsonEmma MackleyGrafham Water15192489224314111
162797VindalooPhil SlaterJillian SlaterRestronguet SC132129102521924114
173945Bath UniSam LittlejohnEmma HaywardLancing SC & Bath Uni SC92261516322620114
181867CumulusSteven GreavesLucy SmithRickmansworth SC42421193182870117
193608MojoMathew ShepherdSophie ShepherdWest Kirby SC1914272613111329123
203607Pimms O'ClockTom HebbertJoanne BaileyWest Kirby SC1223191841211812123
212659KongBen LumbyLiz EvansRestronguet SC31917253125715129
222539DillonGuy DavisonIzzy BrethertonLlangorse SC361311702810926133
232018XAtomicLizzie EdwardsRuth Verrier-JonesHamble River SC1828222334122017140
243895InandaTony ThresherMike RadfordWest Oxfordshire SC30251220112321.534142.5
253690MutsyRosie DaveyGiles BradfordRoyal Harwich YC3327282210171030144
263550Water SpiderDavid SincockBetty WheelerRestronguet SC3218201224272323147
273683AgweWill ShepherdEmma LombardWest Kirby SC4335371729342118191
283787 Jonathan FraryEd SteeleUniverity of Plymouth2629333115293232194
29626MensongeChristian GuyJonquil BrooksCastaways2044312726282570201
302502CyclonePeter LangdonDawn LangdonRestronguet SC227026702392716202
313456The Brown RouseMichael BrownTom WatlingRoyal Dart YC274632425243636202
322282Border RieverWill MasonAnna KennerdyTamesis7032183322263357221
333967 Tom LonsdaleMoira ThresherWest Oxfordshire SC4936413817383539244
343029LipizzanerSophia HulbertAlan HulbertRestronguet SC2431383537484237244
353879Elmos FireAmy BowdenAmy MorrisRoyal Harwich YC2947567012191570248
363875GoJamie BlandRoderick BlandRestronguet SC5034143442425135251
373671Purple DorisMarian ArmstrongAdam WhittleWest Kirby SC4433513623524127255
383739WillowLucy BorehamRachel CrebbinHamble River SC4040424336402928255
393946Bath UniDicken MacleanKate AllenHayling Island SC & Bath Uni SC5130453033363170256
403072SqueakyDamian BorehamJosie PalmerWessex Exiles2552483746433921259
413616Top DollyJonathan BickfordGeorgie SutcliffeUpper Thames4520353938503847262
422065TiffanyLuke ThompsonKate MerrettBowdsey YC3755302948337038270
433023 Bryony MeakinsNatasha ListerDurham University SC4137363249476031273
443415LurcherChris JohnsonTim MackleyGreat Moor3426497051374048285
453030Paddington BearAlistair CurreyMiss Louisa Currey 3951347030444543286
463924The SithLiam GardnerJim BramleyWest Kirby SC173954706160547292
473610BonkersRichard ThompsonRoger HudsonEly SC4243502470494445297
483966Frank the TankAli BarkerNatalie CrollaChipstead SC3560574170453042310
491053API APIDan VincentElla VincentStokes3845707040317019313
502550FrolicHermione TurnerJo MasonItchenor SC4850474645555341330
513626FTSESimon CowdellTommy LeeCastaways5556535356303450331
523098RatbagMike ClaytonMartine ClaytonRoyal Harwich YC4753434070574954343
533957MaccatooMelanie McGregorBen TreloarWest Oxfordshire SC4649405244565859345
543959 Ross LonsdaleJack LonsdaleWest Oxfordshire SC5748395150625752354
553033TrinketJames ClaytonCharlotte WrtightRoyal Harwich YC5238594954515556355
561701Ikona MaleePatrick ClarkeChris HaskellREYC & RSC7041447057465049357
57614FlyswatCharles ShawcroftAnnie ShawcroftHamble River SC5654467052534655362
583749Wild ThymeFiona JonesVicky WestonHamble River SC6057634743595651373
598144ThelmaRuth RomerJenny Leon 5358584453615258376
601811Tit WillowPeter SlimmingElaine JonesHamble River SC7059707047414746380
611 Alasdair AlstonPoppy JukesSheffield University SC5442527070667053407
622672RebelJames FryattSammy BurnsHamble River SC7070707055544844411
633694IanTom ShawcroftJonny HallidayHamble River SC5964624560686160411
643 Bram AppletonLaura WhiteSheffield University SC5863614858647070422
653692EricTom BurnsJames ShawcroftHamble River SC6161605070676263424
665 Louise WoottonNaomi TaylerSheffield University SC6262557059657061434
678FateGuy EnglishMaxine CumberlandRestronguet SC7070707070585940437
68811Blue CaineLewis VigorPhillip ThompsonHamble River SC6370707070637062468
69TBA3 Matt Findlay West Kirby SC7070707070707070490