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Latest Plans for the Dinghy Sailing Show

by RYA on 4 Feb 2008 1-2 March 2008

Affordable GPS Tracking for any sailor

A conversation between sailing enthusiasts at work less than a year ago will see the launch of an exciting GPS tracking service for sailors on a budget at this year's Dinghy Sailing Show at Alexandra Palace in London on 1st and 2nd March.

'Map My Tracks' uses the latest mobile phone and GPS technology to let people track sailing activity in real time – a service previously only available to big budget professional sailors and events such as the Americas Cup, say its creators, award-winning web design and development agency, Tinderhouse.

From providing a valuable training and coaching tool in preparation for a race, to giving parents the security of knowing they can track their youngster out at sea in an Optimist, the new service is available via a cheap monthly mobile phone subscription.

Nick Tatt of Tinderhouse says, "It all started last April when a group of us at the office were talking about our passion for sailing and top of our wishlist was something that could be available to the masses and did not need expensive or complicated equipment. So we decided to create it ourselves!'

"Turning a mobile phone into an essential training tool to accurately track a boat's position in real time means that back on dry land sailors can replay and analyse tracks to see where races are won or lost, as well as show useful information such as average speed, maximum speed and distance covered. Positions are shown live on the internet, so friends and relatives can watch a sailor's progress from the comfort of the clubhouse."

Datchet to launch foiling school

A Bladerider sailor, Mat Belcher, has won the highly-competitive Australian International Moth Championships on his first time out – after sailing the boat for just three months.

The boat, launched in April last year, is attracting many top sailors, according to Michael Airey, from UK Bladerider importer, Vital Minds, who are displaying the exciting 30 kg carbon hydrofoil at this year’s Dinghy Sailing Show at Alexandra Palace in London on 1st and 2nd March.

Originally designed in Australia, the boat is capable of 27 knots and already has a large number of builders. Airey said, "Top dinghy sailors including the top international 14s, Musto skiff sailors and Fireball champions have bought them so it has incredible youth appeal, and older people find that it gives them a whole new challenge."

Datchet Watersports Centre near Heathrow is the first club in the country to launch a teaching scheme for the Bladerider and will be offering visitors to the Dinghy Sailing Show the chance to win a Platinum club membership worth over £1000, giving unlimited usage and training in either dinghy sailing or windsurfing.

Datchet's huge mile-plus water is ideal for learning high-performance sailing, says the club's Buster Nixon: "Due to the nature of the raised up banks of the reservoir (70feet) the wind is extremely clean for an inland water as there are no trees to break up the airflow. A constant breeze is helpful when attempting to master the art of sailing the incredible Bladerider! In fact 7 - 12 knots is a good window!"

Sailing on land!

Landyachting is a growing sport, giving people the chance to experience sailing on land. The curious will get the chance to view and handle a high performance craft at this year's Dinghy Sailing Show at Alexandra Palace in London on 1st and 2nd March.

"The beauty of landyachts is that you can go as slow or as fast as you choose, so it's great for people of any age and experience," says Brian Phipps, the guru of catamaran sailing, who runs Windsport, based in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Foot-pedal Steering for new Trimaran

The new Windrider 17, a 17' trimaran uniquely designed to take four adults or one instructor and up to six children, will be on display at the Dinghy Sailing Show. "As fast as a Dart 16, the 17 has three hulls so the risk of capsizing is minimised – this is true 'armchair' sailing," says Windrider's Jonathan Seamons. "Plus, the new boats' unique 'wave-piercing' hulls allow them to travel smoothly through a wave rather than be stalled by it."

"By removing the tiller in favor of intuitive foot-pedal steering, you face forward in a comfortable seat with a backrest, protected by the hull and with your hands free to control the single sheet. There is no confusing tangle of ropes, tiller or mass of marine hardware requiring your constant attention," says Seamons.

Special offers for visitors to the Windrider stand include £300 off any boat ordered at the show, free UK mainland delivery worth at least £150, and free two-day instruction and set-up course for any boat sold at the show.