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Star Sailors League Star Sailors League

From the initiative of some of the world's best sailors, the Star Sailors League (SSL), launched an international circuit of regattas in January 2013. This new league has been built on the existing circuit of over 220 International Star regattas around the world, using a unified world ranking, created based on the ATP World Tour ™, established by tennis players in 1972. Drawing on this inspiration from tennis, the SSL also awards substantial prize money to the best-ranked sailors.

In December 2015, the third edition of the SSL Finals will take place in Nassau, Bahamas and in September, the Cercle de la Voile de Grandson, in Switzerland, will host the first ever SSL Lake Grand Slam. By 2020, the objective of the SSL is to organize four Grand Slams and the SSL Finals every year. The annual SSL Finals is exclusive to the top athletes and the Grand Slams will offer fierce competition. In order to create a world ranking representative of the skills of each athlete and to balance the odds for each one of them, the Grand Slams will take place at venues known for different conditions:

• "SSL LAKE GS" organized on a lake

• "SSL BAY GS" organized in a sea bay (e.g. Rio, Sopot, Miami, Kiel, Viareggio, Sochi, ...)

• "SSL CITY GS" organized in an urban environment (e.g. Sydney, Singapore, Paris, London, ...)

• "SSL BREEZE GS" organized on a windy area (e.g. Buzios, Cascais, Perth, San Francisco, ...)

Since 2013, the Finals have been hosted by the Nassau Yacht Club, in the Bahamas, and have delivered an incredible level of competition as well as an extremely exciting show, brought to a worldwide audience through the latest methods of professional media coverage, which is organized by the SSL.

The Star Sailors League Board and its Executives strongly believe that in a near future the circuit will be mature enough to allow brands and companies to associate their image to the one of Olympic champions and medalists. As we know your interest in associating your brand to major events and we believe that the SSL could offer a great opportunity to do so.