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The Crew's Pocketbook by Tim Davison

The Crew's Pocketbook by Tim Davison

If you are a new crew a yacht can seem a daunting place. There are ropes everywhere, the loo has a mind of its own and the ceiling tilts to where the walls should be. Meanwhile, you are probably feeling a bit queasy and are worrying about the latest strong wind warning…

Don’t worry! Everyone feels like this at first. The Crew’s Pocketbook will give you the basic knowledge to work the boat, be safe, have fun… and be asked back for more.

If you are a skipper you will realise that as soon as people step on board, they are effectively crewing. They will immediately be drawn into casting off, tying knots, hoisting sails, winching and even steering. It’s impossible to go over everything in your briefing, and any knowledge they can gain beforehand is a blessing. This book was devised to be given to new crew to read before they arrive at the dock.

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