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Seldén Fully Adjustable Spreaders

Seldén Fully Adjustable Spreaders Champions demand quick and precise spreader angle control to tune their rig to the conditions, helping them to sail fast every day.

For the ultimate adjustment and rig control Seldén have developed the fully adjustable spreader system. Redefining world standards for rig adjustment, strength and reliability.

Top dinghy sailors from a broad range of classes and countries told us what they required from the ultimate bracket. Our technical team met this tough set of criteria through careful selection of form and materials:

Function: Ergonomic moulded composite thumbscrews are easy to adjust, and the adjusters are handed to provide a simple "turn forward to push forward" logic. A hole is provided for permanent pin locking if required.

Aerodynamics: Both thumbscrews and spreader lugs are low profile, minimum windage composite mouldings.

Durability: Moving parts are self-lubricating composite and anodised aluminium.

Strength: Mast bracket is a sturdy stainless steel pressing incorporating lightening holes.

Reliability: the bracket incorporates permanently built in dihedral to ensure the spreaders bisect the shroud angles: no danger of spreader droop and loss of control.

The "ultimate" system is available on new masts produced from Kappa, Cumulus, Epsilon, and Gamma sections and comes complete with our aerofoil spreader section and adjustable spreader ends.

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