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Boatasy Dockhook Boathook

Boatasy Dockhook Boathook

The Boatasy Dockhook boathook is designed for boaters who are looking for the simplest and fastest way to attach or release their dock-lines from onboard onto a dockside cleat, pylon, bollard or buoy.

Extremely strong it’s designed to allow automatic attachment of loop lines and is robust enough for both pushing & pulling. A patented flexible spring-lock guarantees fast catching and releasing of ropes with a lasso/candle-type tie onto cleats, poles, posts or buoys. Once attached the dockhook allows automatic release of the dock-line by simply pulling the Dockhook will release the loop line.

Designed for use with smaller diameter or thick diameter ropes/warps, the yellow moulded head has been carefully designed to support different solutions such as easily grabbing the rope, passing ropes through difficult places, pushing away and pulling objects, bringing alongside or removing the boat from the dockside or pier and lifting things from the water.

Extremely simple to use the dockhook it enables amateur, experienced or solo sailors to dock quickly and safely.

Available in two options:

  • Aluminium construction, 117cm stored length , 220cm full telescopic length
  • Carbon construction, 118cm stored length , 320cm full telescopic length