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Rooster Sailing

ILCA 6 / Laser Radial Replacement Sail - COMBO DEAL

ILCA 6 / Laser Radial Replacement Sail - COMBO DEAL

Rooster OD Replacement Radial Cut Sail for the Laser® Radial rig. The sail cloth (3.8oz) used is the same as the official Laser training sail, but the cut and shape has been altered slightly to ensure it does not break any design copyright. This is a quality product and will be ideal for those who are looking for the perfect training sail.


Each package comes with:

  • A Folded Sail
  • A Batten Set
  • A Set of 'Digital Eight' sail numbers (4 red and 8 black)
  • A Rooter 2.9m long sail bag (folded)
  • A Set of Tell Tails (Teflon® Coated Tell Tails - 3 green and 3 red).
  • Rooster X-Large Sail Tidy.

Note: This sail does not come supplied with the Laser® or ILCA class insignia. Also, the Rooster Sail Number service is NOT available for DIGITAL Eight Numbers.(ONLY precut letters and numbers). Customers will be required to affix their own sail number both sides, with the supplied digital numbers.

How to to cut your digital 8 numbers:

How to apply the numbers? - click here

Where to set your tell tales on the Laser std sail?

The position for your tell tales is essential for your upwind speed performance. If you put them too close to the mast the air flow is too turbulent. When placed too far back, the tell tales are less sensitive and will probably cause you to pinch. When the tell tales are too high you wont be able to see them and at the same time focus on the coming waves.

The best position is just above and in front of the window. The tell tales are located 40cm (15.75") above the front of the window and 20 cm(7.87") forward of this point.

The correct position for Radial sails is 20cm (7.87") up and 20 (7.87") cm forward the front of the window.

How to affix?

The sail must not be wet or damp.

Clean down the area where the tell tails are to be applied with acetone or use carbon tetrachloride (wear gloves please, use the solvent in a well ventilated area and only use for a short period ) and clean very thoroughly the area. You must remove any grime, dirt, silicones, wax contaminants, and any old glue etc from the surface of the sail.

Warm up the area with a hair dryer on a low setting where the tell tails are going to be applied.

Now pull the backing paper off the tell tail and activate with the hair dryer the backing glue, and then place the tell tail on the sail in the correct position applying good pressure.

Rub down well to ensure good adhesion.

Rooster OD replacement parts are high quality replacements that perform the same function as the original part. They should not be confused with official parts bearing the Laser® registered trademark. They cannot be used if you are sailing at an Association event. However, they are perfect for social sailing, sailing schools, club sailing or training. Generally, there is a significant cost saving when purchasing Rooster OD parts.

Note: The official Laser Standard Mark II sail (bi-radial construction) is manufactured from 4.5oz Dacron cloth.

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