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Lasdrop Propeller Shaft Seals

Lasdrop Propeller Shaft Seals
The Lasdrop DrySeal is a compact, economical lip seal designed for quick and easy installation. The lip seal, made specifically for marine use, is in constant low friction contact with the propeller shaft, preventing water from passing into your vessel. As in all Lasdrop Shaft Seal models, the DrySeal incorporates a water lubricated alignment bearing in the housing to keep the unit properly aligned with the shaft.
There is an optional back-up seal available that can be installed during the original installation allowing lip seals to be easily changed by simply removing the split-face plate. This allows lip seals to be renewed without the need to remove the shaft or entire unit, reducing maintenance time and costs.
The DrySeal sizing ranges from 3/4″ all the way up to 8″.