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Calypso Wired ULP Wind Sensor

Calypso Wired ULP Wind Sensor
The Calypso Ultra-Low Power Wired Ultrasonic wind speed and wind direction meter (anemometer) is a reliable and extremely accurate wind speed and direction device with minimal power consumption. Just 70mm in diameter the sensor is designed to directly connect to NMEA 0183 chart plotters or to NMEA 2000 chart plotters via the Calypso NMEA Gateway.
Built using the latest solid-state ultrasonic technology the Calypso Ultra-Low Power Wired Sensor delivers many advantages over conventional cup and vane anemometers which have moving parts such as ball bearings that can bind with age or get easily damaged when hit by birds or fouled by ropes.
The ULP Wind Meter measures both wind speed (air velocity) and wind direction. The unique shape of the design minimises moisture build-up guaranteeing data accuracy even in heavy rain. Constructed from nylon polyamide the sensor is both robust and durable, perfect for harsh marine environments.
Requiring only 0,25mA @1Hz (RS485) the sensor is the perfect choice for power boats, cruising, and racing yachts.
The Calypso Ultra-Low Power Wired Anemometer can be directly wired to an NMEA 0183 chart plotter or display. If NMEA 2000 data protocol is required, then the sensor is simply connected to the Calypso NMEA Gateway that converts the data into NMEA 2000.
In addition, the Calypso NMEA Gateway has Bluetooth capability (Version 5.1), which allows data to be viewed by many ‘free to market’ iOS or Android Apps within 50m (line of sight) of the Gateway. Data can be saved and downloaded in Excel or .CSV format or mapped for later analysis and reporting. Wi-Fi capability also allows data to be additionally viewed using a laptop or tablet.
The Calypso Ultra-Low Power Wired Ultrasonic Anemometer can be easily mounted to a yachts mast using varied mounting options including, aluminium and carbon fibre masts (33cm & 1m lengths) and an L shaped offset mast mount.
The Calypso Ultra-Low Power Wired Ultrasonic Wind Meter is a perfect long-term solution for wind speed and wind direction monitoring for racing and cruising yachts, dayboats, powerboats and sports keelboats. Minimise maintenance, improve reliability and reduce weight by changing your current cup and vane sensor for a solid-state Calypso wind sensor.