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TEMO-1000 Electric Outboard

 TEMO-1000 Electric Outboard
The TEMO·1000 electric outboard motor is a powerful and environmentally friendly outboard, designed for large 6-person dinghies, tenders and small keelboats, sports keelboats and sailing yachts up to 8 meters.
Weighing only 15Kg (including the 5kg removable battery) the TEMO·1000 is ergonomic in design and extremely easy to carry onboard and install onto your sailing boat or tender. A retractable handle and cassette battery ensure it takes up minimal space onboard or in transport.
The 1000W motor and unique propeller design optimise performance, delivering a static thrust of 28kg (equivalent to 3HP) allowing you to propel a large 6-person dinghy or a small sailing boat up to 8 metres.
The retractable handle with twist grip control enables the outboard to be used directly on the back of a sailing boats yacht purely as propulsion using the boats tiller to steer. Simply select the speed, retract the handle and gain space onboard your sailing boat. With the handle out you can propel and steer the boat or tender using the twist tiller control.
An ingenious mounting bracket allows the TEMO-1000 to be quickly installed on the boat with 360 degree turn it can easily be rotated completely around on itself for safe storage inside the boat, whilst an adjustable track allows the motor to be raised quickly for use in shoal draft, there is no need to choose between long and short shaft, the TEMO·1000 covers both lengths.
The cassette battery system delivers over 60 minutes of run time, its unique design combined with waterproof IP rated connectors enables you to exchange batteries in seconds, so you cn use a second battery for long journeys.
The TEMO-1000 is the perfect environmentally friendly outboard solution, Made in France, between Brittany and the Pays de la Loire region, TEMO is committed to delivering high quality environmentally friendly electric outboard solutions.
2 year warranty as standard on all purchases.