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Technical Marine Supplies

Technical Marine Supplies - Bonomi JOY Self-Tailing Cleat

Technical Marine Supplies - Bonomi JOY Self-Tailing Cleat

Bonomi JOY Electric Tailing Cleats

Following on from the successful METS launch of the Joy Cleat, which achieved the prestigious DAME award, Italian manufacturer Bonomi have released a new, smaller cleat into the range.

With a keen interest in safer boating for all, Bonomi’s new 205mm cleat offers ease of mooring for smaller boats, with an impressive 80Kg working load.


The latest addition to the range of Bonomi Joy cleats offers a safe and effortless way to secure the correct tension on your mooring lines, and can be located in either bow or stern locations.

Suitable for vessels from 30’ to 50’, the supplied 12v or 24v motor is controlled by way of an IP rated foot switch, and weighs in at an impressive 9.5kg, including the motor gearbox. Suitable for lines of 12-20mm, this is a perfect mooring aid for all vessels.

With the optional control pack, the motor can operate in both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction, thus allowing the operator to ease the lines, without removing the warp from the rope gypsy.

The polished finish on the 316 stainless steel cleats will complement any deck, where maintaining line tension without the need of any additional locking device or action is critical without causing injury to the operator.