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Cyclops Marine

smartlink Nano by Cyclops Marine

smartlink Nano by Cyclops Marine
Want to know the load on any rope on board? Want to hit that fast setting every time? Want to load up the tack line and deploy the Code Zero straight away? Repeat your sheet settings every time? Get ashore and easily weigh components?

smartlinks are Titanium sheet load sensors, designed and refined in collaboration with two leading race teams but now available as the smallest and lightest sheet load sensors in the world.

smartlink will help you measure and repeat your fast settings every time. Smart Link utilises the latest technology to give you an immediate load sensing capability. Transmitting the load on any soft line (sheet, soft stay, etc…) wirelessly, in real time. The live load is available on your smartphone via a dedicated app (Android and iOS) or to your boats electronics with optional gateway e.g. B&G etc.

This allows you to measure the loads that equate to optimum performance, giving a quantifiable and repeated sail setting for the very best performance in all winds and sea conditions.

How it works:

Simply add inline of any ‘soft’ stay or sheet. Easy connection to your phone via the latest smartphone app for immediate live and dynamic information as to the load. With the addition of our gateway and NMEA2000 lead, the data can integrate into your boat electronics system for the same live data on your displays.

Ideal for the helm and trimmers to maximise your performance.


Simple to fit
Wireless Data available on smartphone app and Marine Electronics
Factory Calibrated
Cutting edge technology
Cost effective
smartlink Sensors are IP67 rated
Max Working Load: 0.6 Tonnes
Dimensions: 64 x 55 x 17mm
Aperture Maximum Width: 17.5mm
Aperture Maximum Height: 9.0mm
Strop Diameter: 4.0mm (Basket strop configuration assumes two diameters of strop through aperture)
Materials: Metal Body: AI6082-T6
Weight: 72g
Typical Battery Life: 220 Hours
Optional NMEA2000 Gateway and Cable designed to 'listen' to Cyclops Marine wireless sensors - smarttune and smartlink


Available in the folliowing loads; Nano, 2 Tonne, 5 Tonne, 10 Tonne and 20 Tonnee