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Exposure Marine

SpotMe - the mini strobe light for sailors and watersports from Exposure Lights

SpotMe - the mini strobe light for sailors and watersports from Exposure Lights

Capsized, broken rig, no paddle - get spotted quickly in broad daylight

This miniature waterproof SpotMe Strobe from Exposure Lights, means sailors, paddlers and surfers can quickly and easily attract attention, if they are in difficulty.

This tiny light attaches to a buoyancy vest or harness strap. If you need to be seen, gripping it with one hand and squeezing turns it into an instant rapid flash Strobe light. There's far more chance that you'll get spotted as 'something' in the water with this bright flashing light.

With more people taking to the water, in everything from kayaks, SUPs, windsurfers and boats, managing your personal safety is key. The increasing speeds of foiling kites, windsurfers and dinghies, and now wing surfers, mean any impact from these craft can lead to a far more serious injury. 

If you are in the water, you want the other users to see you - and fast! In broad daylight in the sea it can be incredibly difficult to spot a person in waves, even from a few boat lengths away.

SpotMe light details:

  • high intensity, highly visible ‘Rapid Flash SOS’
  • easily activated - one handed squeeze action
  • increases your chances of being spotted and rescued more quickly
  • weighs just 35 grams and measures 50 x 24 mm
  • runs for 5 hours
  • supplied with a tiny webbing holster and Velcro strap to attach to garments
  • available in Bright White or Red

A 180 degree lens allows full upper hemisphere illumination from all directions, ensuring the SpotMe is visible from up to 1000 meters in sunlight and 3 nautical miles at night. 

It is powered by lithium ion batteries giving 250 lumens outputs and housed in a waterproof IPX7 rated casing up to 1m.

Designed for dinghy sailors, paddlers, wind and kite-surfers, the SpotMe has many watersports safety applications:

  • dinghy sailors training alone
  • coaches working with young squads in all weathers
  • windsurfers out in big waves
  • StandUp paddlers off on an adventure
  • Kite surfers having difficulties with their rig

SpotMe is a tiny tool, making it much easier to attract attention if and when something does go wrong.



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