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Exposure Marine

OLAS Float-On from Exposure Lights

OLAS Float-On from Exposure Lights

OLAS Float-On is a pocket-sized, intelligent, floating torch which, when immersed in water, will automatically set off its MOB strobe as well as trigger an alarm via the OLAS mobile App. The App then triggers directional finder screens, such as bearing and track back to the point of the MOB, to show up on screen.

OLAS Float-On is  a low-cost, multi-functional additional safety aid for both novice and experienced boaters.

 As a personal torch, the OLAS Float-On is a very effective, bright 120 lumen, pocket-sized, work light suitable for all on board jobs, and can also be attached to a lifejacket or lifebuoy. 

When tethered to the OLAS App it becomes an even more significant safety aid.  It also works with the OLAS Guardian and OLAS Core.

Within eight seconds of OLAS Float-On being immersed:

  • the OLAS App sounds a piercing alarm via the mobile device
  • its screens switch from standard navigation data to giving clearly readable, visual directions back to the point of the incident
  • is uses large, easily readable arrows and numbers, so you don’t need to find your glasses in a hurry
  • simultaneously, the torch is automatically activated
  • it strobes once every two seconds for up to 20 hours and is visible from over three nautical miles away

The App screens continue to guide the remaining crew on board back to the exact position the incident occurred, with additional, clear, visual indication when within 20 meters of the spot. The screens walk the crew through the MOB emergency process and provide the MOB position and boat data the coastguard needs when you call them. The fast flashing strobe on the OLAS Float-On illuminates the person in the water, helping to show their position, should they have drifted with either wind or current.

OLAS Float-On details:

  • housed in a buoyant, watertight plastic casing
  • ensures maximum Bluetooth connectivity and stability around the boat
  • Precision water displacement calculations enable the torch to always float beam upwards
  • the strobe only activates if submerged for longer than six seconds
  • fast charging via a ‘snap-on’ USB charger.

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