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OLAS Core - yacht crew MOB alert system from Exposure Lights

OLAS Core - yacht crew MOB alert system from Exposure Lights

OLAS Core is a small, portable, wireless Man Overboard Alarm system for boats up to 50’ long and up to 15 crew. It instantly triggers a loud, 85 decibel emergency alert, within four seconds if there is a man overboard incident.

Using the latest wireless technology, OLAS Core creates a virtual lifeline by connecting each crew member wearing an OLAS transmitter, such as the OLAS tag wrist band or the small OLAS Float-On personal light, to the boat. In the event of a MOB situation its visual and audible alerts mean the crew can respond instantly.

OLAS Core is a small, portable ‘hub’:

  • it can be placed anywhere on the boat
  • it transmits a continuous wireless signal tethering the crew to the boat

Connect it with the optional (free) OLAS mobile App/ This includes:

  • easy to use screens to connect, monitor and personally label the connected tags
  • if triggered, the screens give easy to read navigational direction finder screens
  • bearing and track back to the point where the incident occurred
  • MOB position data and esential info for an MOB emergency call

This is all the information that’s easy to forget during the stress of an emergency situation!

Whilst the App is used for system management, the powerful connection signal to the Core unit is entirely independent of the varied qualities of different personal mobile devices and whether they are charged up.  

Losing a crew member overboard is every sailor’s worst nightmare. The Core means that on large boat

  • you'll know instantly that a MOB incident has occurred
  • especially important with crew on deck in the dark.
  • the entire crew are alerted immediately, and can take immediate recovery actions

OLAS Core’s range can be increased for larger vessels up to 80’ using the OLAS Extender, which also helps to repeat the connection around vessels with more challenging superstructures such as steel, aluminium and carbon.

  • a fully portable unit
  • powered by a 5-volt USB supply
  • it can be transferred between different vessels without requiring hard wiring
  • can be moved between boats - eg race yacht and cruiser
  • OLAS Tags can be fitted to your crew, pets and safety devices such as lifebuoys.

As well as triggering the alarm after four seconds of a transmitter tag losing connection with the Core unit, a high-power emergency red light displays a visual alert too. This also illuminates the area to aid with recovery, without affecting night vision.

Solo mode

For coastal/inshore solo sailors OLAS Core or short handed crews, it can be set to solo mode. This automatically sends an SMS message with the location and time of incident to the wearer’s emergency number. This works with onboard WIFI, or where there is a minimum 2G cell network available.

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