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OLAS Guardian - wireless kill switch from Exposure Lights

OLAS Guardian - wireless kill switch from Exposure Lights

OLAS Guardian from Exposure OLAS is a new wireless engine kill switch. It acts as a virtual ‘kill cord’ that stops the engine within two seconds of a person going overboard.

Designed as an additional safety aid, for powerboats and yachts, the OLAS Guardian wrist tags attach to the driver/helm and all the crew on board. Creating a virtual, wireless tether to the Guardian. 

Should any crew member, get separated from the boat, the kill switch is activated and the engine stops. In the case of a RIB or safety boat, it reduces the chancesof a serious accident, from an unmanned or uncontrolled powerboat.

OLAS Guardian works by:

  • wirelessly logging up to 15 crew members to your engines kill switch
  • the crew use wearable transmitters - the OLAS wrist Tags or OLAS Float-On light

When transmitter is submerged overboard, or is separated by distance it:

  • instantly breaks the connection
  • cuts the engine
  • triggers an inbuilt 85 decibel alarm
  • if connected, an alarm on your mobile phone sounds too.

The engine can be restarted after five seconds, and a rescue can be performed.

Whether boat drivers have stopped their boat to lay racing marks, take photos, go fishing or tow dinghies, they can move freely about the boat without constantly needing to remember to disconnect and reconnect the physical wire cord.  Designed to work alongside an existing kill cord, the OLAS Guardian will always operate even if the physical kill cord is not attached to the driver.

OLAS Guardian works using the latest wireless technology to log and track the personal OLAS transmitters. Each time the engine ignition is switched on, OLAS Guardian scans the nearby area for 30 seconds, and automatically connects all working tags within range.

If you arrive at the boat without your Tag switched on, the system triggers an alarm to remind you to do so.  Also a good reminder to wear the traditional wire kill cord too!

OLAS Guardian is simple and easy to set up. It connects in parallel to the existing kill switch system, with waterproof connectors and cables. The panel mounted stainless steel control switch fits seamlessly into the steering console, creating a watertight seal through a small 21mm wiring hole. It can be connected to your vessels power supply ensuring it is always working when power is running.

OLAS Guardian has two pre-set options, allowing the crew tags to connect either to trigger the kill switch, or  to act or just trigger the MOB alarm, if there's an MOB. This gives flexibility as to how the system is used. If someone leaves the boat, whether they run ashore or fall out, depending on the pre-set option either the engine will cut out or just the alarm sounds.


The OLAS App, which is not essential to use, provides helpful monitoring and tracking for each tag, which can be personalised, and displays which tags are connected to the boat.

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