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Crewsaver 2021 Safetyline LEADERBOARD

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Exposure Marine

Exposure Lights MOB Carbon

Exposure Lights MOB Carbon

The MOB Carbon from Exposure Lights is the latest evolution of floating safety and searchlights. This ultra-lightweight LED flashlight and water-activated strobe is made from a unique combination of aluminum and carbon. With a longer standby runtime of five months, the MOB Carbon is even more compact and lighter than its predecessor.

Designed to use on board, on land and up to 5 meters underwater too. Ideal for those moments when you need to dive the keel or clear the propeller.

If you accidently fall overboard:

  • the MOB Carbon is buoyant
  • it will automatically start to strobe without the need to switch it on
  • it will then strobe continuously, one flash every second, for up to 20 hours

The built in water-activated MOB technology creates a six second delay to avoid false activation if the light gets an accidental dunking. 

The MOB Carbon is :

  • compact and light enough to keep in your pocket
  • use it as a search and trimming light as well as a personal safety aid
  • keep one close to the helm, simply throw the light towards the MOB casualty

If someone goes overboard, , where it will help you track back to their position.

Exposure’s precision engineering ensures the MOB Carbon floats at an angle so the lens is partially submerged creating a very bright pool of light in the water to make it easier to locate when searching the area and from above.  Meanwhile, the strobe light working above the water is visible from over three nautical miles away.

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