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Crewsaver Offshore Flare Package

Crewsaver Offshore Flare Package

Crewsaver’s Offshore Flare Package contains a comprehensive combination of propelled and handheld flares of both long and short visibility range designed to signal distress in an emergency situation. The buoyant Lifesmoke can be used to indicate position and wind direction once potential rescuer is sighted. This package also includes a buoyant and waterproof 12lt poly bottle, ideal for storage.

4 x Red Parachute Rocket

The Aurora Red Parachute rocket is a long range aerial distress signal. Designed to withstand exceptional environmental exposure and to perform reliably even after immersion in water. Suitable for coastal and offshore use by all recreational craft including yachts, powerboats, RIBS, dinghies and canoes

4 x Red Handflare

For use by day and night, the Red Handflare is a short range distress signal used to pinpoint position when potential rescuer is sighted. Designed to withstand exceptional environmental exposure and to perform reliably even after immersion in water. Suitable for the marine recreational boating market and also land based activities such as hiking. Ideal for use on yachts, dinghies, RIBS and canoes

2 x Lifesmoke

The Lifesmoke is a buoyant, compact, daylight distress signal designed to be easy and safe to handle. It provides effective position marking during rescue operations and can be used to indicate wind direction. Designed for stowage in liferafts or lifeboats and for use on recreational boats

1 x 12L Poly Bottle

Robust and buoyant containers which are the ideal solution for storing distress flares. Complete with handle and textured lid for easy opening and handling in an emergency

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