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Craftinsure 2012

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Rooster Sailing

PolyPro Headband (BLACK)

PolyPro Headband (BLACK)

The Rooster PolyPro™ Headband - Lightweight protection for milder days.

PolyPro™ construction means this lightweight headband is perfect for those milder days. One size fits all and the integrated stretch allow different size heads and hair styles to be accommodated, whether you wear your hair up or down.

"I don't always need a hat and find them especially annoying when wearing my hair up in a ponytail and they always seem to fall of mid-tack. I like to try and avoid overheating while working hard in the boat and still keep my ears warm too, hence my preference of a headband. High street offerings for headbands are not ideal; they often slip due to the fit, are cold and heavy when wet and take forever to dry. This design is the exact opposite!

With uses not restricted to sailing, we have already tested these running, cycling and hill walking - how will you use yours?"

Helen Lewis, Team Rooster

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