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Leaderboard Dec 2021

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Spinlock PXR0206 Cam Cleat - Swivel Base

Spinlock PXR0206 Cam Cleat - Swivel Base

The PXR Cam Cleat designed for precision control of high performance lines 2-6mm. The PXR racing camcleat features a three stage adjustment spring allowing users to select the release setting for the application and prevailing conditions.

  • Line diameter 2-6mm, loads up to 140kg (308lbs)
  • Fast precise control for hand tensioned lines
  • Roller action ensures easy release under high load
  • Hard anodised alloy cam and base
  • Ideal for high performance lines
  • Micro size for small diameters
  • Three stage release control switch
  • Ideal for single line spinnaker hoist systems
  • Resists accidental re-cleating

Deck Swivel ‘SW’ - For single cleat control of jib sheets and dinghy vangs. Preferred by dinghy builders for single line spinnaker hoist systems. Same footprint as traditional swivel cam cleats.