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Zhik Hydrobase Super Thermals

Zhik Hydrobase Super Thermals

Zhik’s latest new Superthermal™ Hydrobase© will keep you warm even if you have just got wet by accident.  We’ve all done it - and fished a rope out of the water, pushed the rudder down or stepped down the slipway one foot too far and gained that unwanted wet sleeve or leg.

The lower arm and leg of the new Superthermal™ Hydrobase© is made from a water-repellent, stretch woven fabric to protect against accidental water flushing up your arm or in your boots.  Water will simply roll off the fabric avoiding that soggy start to the day. 

Zhik’s Superthermal™ Hydrobase© helps you maintain an even body temperature across a wide range of conditions.  This hyper-wicking base layer rapidly transfers moisture away from the skin, reducing any chance of chilling after intense activity. It combines multiple fabric technologies to achieve this.

The dual-knit fabric is made from hydrophilic polyester fibres and hydrophobic polypropylene fibres, knitted into a soft 3D thermal grid. The hydrophilic fibres are designed to suck moisture away from the skin and the hydrophobic fibres push this moisture to the surface of the fabric. 

This effect is best demonstrated when water droplets are sprinkled onto the soft fleecy back of the fabric, they immediately vanish through to the other side, where the moisture spreads out and quickly evaporates away. Each fibre in the fabric is a star-shaped construction, rather than round, which creates more surface area to promote a more rapid transfer of moisture. 

An antibacterial treatment reduces odour after extended use, which makes those colder, long distance trips a much more pleasant experience for you and your crew mates. Superthermal™ Hydrobase©is the perfect base layer worn under Zhik’s Xeflex mid-layer system.

Available in Unisex sizes XS-XXXL