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A pilot's head-up display - with the SailGP cats literally flying, could this technology soon be on yachts? - photo © SW

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We spend much of our time on our smartphones, snapping away photos at this, that, and everything, and increasingly our phone cameras are giving us tips about suggested focus points and camera modes, and two weeks ago I wrote about virtual reality, focusing on how it can benefit sailing.

Today my thoughts turn to augmented reality, prompted by the massive crash we saw in Sydney at Sail Grand Prix Australia, where Ben Ainslie's GBR team took the bow clean off Nathan Outteridge's Japan team during the Race 3 start, and a video I saw on the BBC website, taking a look at the Nreal Light augmented reality glasses.

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The aftermath as Great Britain SailGP Team helmed by Ben Ainslie collides with Japan SailGP Team helmed by Nathan Outterridge moments before the start of Race 3 during the Australia Sail Grand Prix presented by KPMG - photo © David Gray for SailGP
The aftermath as Great Britain SailGP Team helmed by Ben Ainslie collides with Japan SailGP Team helmed by Nathan Outterridge moments before the start of Race 3 during the Australia Sail Grand Prix presented by KPMG - photo © David Gray for SailGP

Let's first analyse what happened in Sydney...

SailGP uses reaching starts, which present an added challenge to sailors and rule-makers alike. As the teams ramp up the speed, trying to get their time on distance spot-on for top speed towards the first mark bear-away, the sailors have most of their focus on the yachts just to weather of them, as they are the ones who could take their wind.

A reaching start during the Australia Sail Grand Prix - photo © David Gray for SailGP
A reaching start during the Australia Sail Grand Prix - photo © David Gray for SailGP

With a traditional upwind start, once you've found your lane and are up to speed on starboard tack, the threats are again the boats to weather of you on the line, who could potentially take your wind if advanced enough, and those to leeward who could pinch up towards your line, either luffing or taking your wind, with all of these interactions happening in a mostly predictable fashion.

In the pre-start of Race 3 Nathan Outteridge was sailing a more upwind course than Ben Ainslie and Jimmy Spithill, as was his right to do so, but when the two boats above are on their final attack runs, a boat pointing higher and to leeward is perfectly in the blind spot of the accelerating boats. There is no doubt about the fault of the crash, but it is understandable as to how the incident happened.

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Nathan Outteridge, CEO & driver of Japan SailGP Team, looks at the damage to the F50 catamaran caused by a collision with Great Britain SailGP Team, on Race Day 2. Australia Sail Grand Prix - photo © Patrick Hamilton/SailGP
Nathan Outteridge, CEO & driver of Japan SailGP Team, looks at the damage to the F50 catamaran caused by a collision with Great Britain SailGP Team, on Race Day 2. Australia Sail Grand Prix - photo © Patrick Hamilton/SailGP

The result was catastrophic for Team Japan's starboard hull and could have been horrific if the collision point was slightly further aft. I have no doubt SailGP organisers and looking at how this can be avoided in future, whether the rules need modifying and what technology could help. Enter augmented reality...

I doubt I know a single sailor who hasn't been in a port-starboard situation where the boat on the other tack has seemed to 'appear from nowhere', hidden by a jib, genoa or mainsail until the very last second, resulting in a crash-tack, emergency bear away or in some cases hitting the other boat amidships. It's just one of those things which happens in sailing.

Classics Marigold (black hull) and Endrick crash at Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez 2019 - photo © Ingrid Abery /
Classics Marigold (black hull) and Endrick crash at Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez 2019 - photo © Ingrid Abery /

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Any crash has the potential to be life-threatening, but with the speeds involved in the America's Cup and SailGP racing, this danger is taken to another level. With an augmented reality visor, the sailors could have either a live wireframe view from above of where the surrounding boats are, or a view 'through' the wing sail and jib, showing what is happening to leeward.

Augmented reality is entering the mainstream, and has been available to pilots for some time, so the technology is there. We know the data is available with SailGP, as it is all used remotely by the SailGP umpires and commentators tucked away in an office in Ealing, London, wherever the sailing action is happening around the world, so combining this all together should be an achievable step for Season 3.

Then, just like is often touted with Formula One motor racing, the trickle down of technology could help us all on the racecourse, and before long our new pair of sailing sunglasses will display positional information overlays, making our own sailing safer and maybe even our insurance premiums a little bit less!

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Sydney Hobart - Now that was a start

Keeping with the action in Sydney, Boxing Day saw the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race start in the harbour, and while I was sleeping off Christmas dinner, our Australian editor John Curnow was following all the action...

2021 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race start - photo © Rolex / Andrea Francolini
2021 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race start - photo © Rolex / Andrea Francolini

With just a minute to go it seemed like conservatism was the flavour of day. So many had stayed well below the line. Perhaps there was even a little bit of trepidation due to lack of practise. Maybe it was all about not wanting to be OCS after such a long hiatus.

However, with everyone outside the Harbour inside 25 minutes, including the 30-footers, it certainly made for an action-packed event. Without doubt, Scallywag won the start, then went low to go for pace, offering up bad air to Law Connect. Black Jack came up and did the same, but a bad furl of the Code Zero at the inside mark hurt them, as they looked like they were off to lunch at Manly Pier.

SHK Scallywag 100 led LawConnect and Black Jack out of the Heads - Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - photo © Salty Dingo
SHK Scallywag 100 led LawConnect and Black Jack out of the Heads - Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - photo © Salty Dingo

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Interestingly, it was Scallywag who opted for the early slab, and their huge zero just seemed to have the kind of grunt you'd associate with a massive V16 Diesel. After recovering, Black Jack came back on the breeze with the slab we'd thought would be with them from the get go, but were a long way behind Scallywag and Law Connect, who had muscled their way to the front by the outer mark, and then opened the throttle.

Stefan had done well early, showing real pace off the breeze, and playing with the supermaxis, but later fell back to be with the mini maxis. Her new sails looked good, so hopefully they can hunker down and let the 80-footer go to work. URM never threatened, and it was certainly tense on board, which you might argue is a legacy of having mikes and cameras on board. They struggled often with their kite, and this only raised tensions further.

Yet they were not alone in this category, which had to be owned by Denali, who seemed to be very keen on letting the crew master semaphore at every manoeuvre.

2021 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race start - photo © Rolex / Andrea Francolini
2021 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race start - photo © Rolex / Andrea Francolini

Harken UK 2021 - NEBO 2 MPU   Barts Bash 2022

Back out the front, and Scallywag looked to be able to make a fist of the battle with Law Connect and that stupendous prodder of hers that poked through the mounting seaway. Alas, misfortune arrived, and the headsail tack came away with her furler. Not a pleasant thing to recover, so heading back home to shield it all behind the main, whilst the others marched on at virtually your reciprocal course, definitely stacked up a huge deficit.

They returned to be on the wind, but with the storm jib flying off her inner, inner tack point. There did not seem to be an issue with the deck mount for the inner stay, so when the recalcitrant heady got mounted back up, you had to think the issue was with the furler mount and not the deck, but the sail was not hoisted immediately, so perhaps there was more damage than one could observe from the footage.

Scallywag during the 2021 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race start - photo © Rolex / Andrea Francolini
Scallywag during the 2021 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race start - photo © Rolex / Andrea Francolini

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They were making reasonable way considering the handkerchief that was now for'ard of the stick, and perhaps they were assessing when might be a good time to run away once more and get what looked to be the J2 airborne again. There would have a been a few calories burned up by the ten crew, who did an incredible job of the recovery, and certainly the Andy Dovell penned hull form looked like it could go hard all night long, which they will certainly have to do to be in the mix by the new light.

Our coverage will continue throughout the race, and we will have more video features once the craft arrive. In the meantime, we will author material based on the best intel going around. So, enjoy your coffee, showers, the lack of stench in your environment, and the real food, which we're sure the crews will be missing badly by now.

A wet ride during the 2021 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race start - photo © Rolex / Andrea Francolini
A wet ride during the 2021 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race start - photo © Rolex / Andrea Francolini

Seeing as it is Christmas time, it allows one some introspection. Being the Managing Editor of the Sail-World and YachtsandYachting team is a delight. Our focus is to bring you as close to the action as possible, though the lens and our editorial, so you can keep on top of all the sailing action around the world. I feel so lucky to have David Henshall focusing on the past, and how it's so relevant to decisions made today, John Curnow's unique take on what's happening today across sail and power, Richard Gladwell's unparalleled knowledge of the goings on in America's Cup land and David Schmidt's commentary from North America, unafraid to air stories which need telling, as well as our many contributors and marketing partners. 2021 has been a hard year in many ways, but we're fired up for 2022 and so grateful that you have chosen us to get your sailing news fix. Thank you!

Mark Jardine and Managing Editor

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Sydney Hobart – Sad. No Surprise.
The retirements have started, as you would expect, and the kinds of damage are also not outside of the realm of expectation.

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Technical disaster costs SHK Scallywag 100 lead in Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
SHK Scallywag 100 skipper David Witt was reminded of how tenuous fortune can be in the RSHYR, when a furling disaster after exiting the heads cost him the race lead on line honours following a spectacular start to this year's 76th edition.

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Classic southerly set to blow in Rolex Sydney Hobart start
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The Twelve Days of FiveO Christmas - Day 1
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Sydney Hobart Pre-Race Interviews
Here are the first four interviews Bow Caddy Media created in the lead to the 2021 Sydney to Hobart race - Speedwell, Gweilo, Disko Trooper, and Salt Shaker

No, we're the underdogs!
With only three 100 footers lining up for the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race in 2021, the usual sparring for underdog status seemed to take on some added vigour at Christmas Eve's media briefing for Line Honours prospects.

Rolex Sydney Hobart fleet at 91 following two withdrawals
The 2021 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race fleet stands at 91 following the withdrawal today of Jim Cooney's Volvo Open 70, Willow, and the Infiniti 46R, Maverick 49, owned by Quentin Stewart.

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Barton Christmas Newsline
As the Barton team head home for a well deserved break, we wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year. 2021 has been a challenging year in many ways, but the sailing action out on the water was amazing!

Countdown to the GJW Direct Bloody Mary 2022
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LawConnect will embrace a rough and tumble Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
The forecast of strong southerly winds and rough seas may be a concern for many in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race for the Boxing Day start; but not for Christian Beck.

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A message from 11th Hour Racing Team skipper Charlie Enright
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Burghfield Breezer braced to blow away Boxing Day blues
Event #3 of the Seldén SailJuice Winter Series is the Burghfield Breezer, a brand new one-day competition near Reading on 27 December. The Brass Monkey and Grafham Grand Prix have both been postponed...

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Planet Sail: SailGP Sydney Showdown
It's understandable that with the end of the SailGP 2021-22 season in sight and a one-million dollar race just a few months away at the San Francisco finale, that the action should ramp up with the Australia SailGP event in Sydney.

2021 Musto Lark Belle Isle Travellers' Trophy Series
Rising stars Samuel Bailey and Finlay Morgan have won the 2021 Musto Lark Travellers' Trophy Series. Run across nine events on sea, estuary and lakes, the series has run for decades.

GBR 420s at the Palamos Christmas Race in Spain - Overall
There were two races for the gold and one race completed for the silver fleet in tricky conditions once again on the final day of the the 2021 Christmas race. After seven races Barcelo and Villanueva of Spain were declared the overall winners.

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Rival 16ft skiff clubs in a league of their own as nationals loom
An elite fleet of 45 boats is set to contest the 2021-2022 Red Pumps Australian 16ft Skiff Championships at Belmont, Lake Macquarie, from January 2-8, following the close of entries yesterday.

British Keelboat Academy announces 2022 squad
The British Keelboat Academy (BKA) supports young sailors aged between 18 and 24 with a programme which provides the training and technical knowledge for racing keelboats at the top end of the sport across a wide range of disciplines.

Entries open for the Steve Nicholson Memorial Trophy 2022
The event is one of the most well known winter regattas and has been well supported in the past. The event is raced in aid of Asthma UK charity in memory of Steve, who was a popular sailor and member at Northampton Sailing Club.

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The Top 10 Sailing Stories of 2021 - The Top Five
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RYA Dinghy and Watersports Show returns
The RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show presented by Suzuki is back this February. Get your ticket today to save up to 20% with RYA members and group discounts.

The Key Yachting J-Cup Regatta - Open for entries
Open to all J-Boat owners, the three-day regatta is one of the highlights of the racing calendar and this year we will see the inclusion of the J/70 and the J/109 National Championships.

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Opportunity may well be knocking for small boats in Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
As the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race fleet settles into its first night at sea after the start, don't be surprised if some of the smaller boats like White Bay 6 Azzurro are well in the frame.

UYC Open Winter Series 2021
There was a blue sky welcome for competitors at the last Sunday of Ullswater Yacht Club's Open Winter Series on Sunday, December 19.

All-new AIS Receive Version of the IC-M510 VHF/DSC Marine Radio
The latest addition to our line-up of marine products is the AIS RX version of the IC-M510, our stylish VHF/DSC with a large easy to read full colour display also offering secondary control using our Smartphone App.

RYA Dinghy Show 2022 MPU   Noble Marine 2020 - MPU
Starcross Yacht Club - a bumper year in 2021
Starcross Yacht club is on the banks of the River Exe in Devon, and reputed to be the oldest sailing club in the country. Originally founded in 1772, it will celebrate its 250th anniversary next year.

Zhik partner with IMOCA Paprec Arkéa for 2024 Vendée Globe Race
Zhik are announced as the Official Technical Clothing Parner of IMOCA Paprec Arkéa, hot on the heels of Paprec and Arkéa announcing the joint Vendée Globe campaign with skipper Yoann Richomme.

Two-handed magic set to ignite high sea drama in Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
For Lincoln Dews, the challenge of racing in the Two-Handed Division of the 2021 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race will not only be historic, but "enormous" - for him, his crewmate and his rivals.

Global Solo Challenge - Polyphasic sleep: sleep management solo and crewed
Polyphasic sleep management when sailing single-handed is one of those aspects that terrorises each and every sailor who has not yet sailed by themselves. It is not a simple subject to deal with and requires plenty of practice.

VAT changes to affect recreational boat owners from 01 January 2022
The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) reported the Government's intention to waive the three-year condition for Returned Goods Relief (RGR) on the 09 December.

Classe Mini 2021: Overcoming obstacles for a successful season
Classe Mini president Jean Lorre has hailed the last season as "positive" for the 6.50 boat class, despite a number of obstacles.

Winter Activity at Blackwater Sailing Club
With the ongoing travel restrictions that we have all faced over the last couple of years many people have turned to more local activities. We have the beautiful Blackwater estuary on our doorstep and sailing has become a lot more popular.

Stopover dates announced for The Ocean Race 2022-23
Dates for all eight stopovers, as well as a new Fly-By past Kiel, Germany, have now been confirmed for 14th edition of The Ocean Race

SailGP Sydney - Bow Caddy Media images
After a day of drama in moderate airs on Day 1 of SailGP Sydney, Day 2 was largely incident-free, despite a very solid nor'easter that hit gusts of 30 knots or more at times.

Sport for Life
Much is often made of the fact that sailing is a sport for life. This was the overriding thought that stayed with me as I reflected on a new event that will get underway on January 3, 2022.

Illusion class Christmas Cracker at Bembridge Sailing Club
There was not quite as good a turn out for this year's Christmas Cracker as last year, but with Omicron on the rampage and at least one regular stuck abroad, one injured, and a few others committed elsewhere, it certainly could have been worse!

18ft Skiff NSW Championship on Sydney Harbour - Race 5
Rookie Rag & Famish Hotel 18ft Skiff racing team of Harry Price, Gus Williams and Harry Hall achieved an amazing result in the extremely strong westerly winds that battered the race course when they took out Race 5 of the NSW Championship.

Cyclops 2020 - SmartlinkNano - FOOTER

Raymarine 2021 Element - FOOTER

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