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Noble Marine 2022 YY - LEADERBOARD

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Phil and Annika - 2021 WA Hobie Cat State Championships - photo © Drew Malcolm

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It's hard to believe that two of the most popular dinghies were designed over 50 years ago. Between the Hobie 16 and the ILCA (the dinghy formerly known as the Laser), over 350,000 have been produced; what is even more remarkable is that they are still going strong.

They're both comparable in speed with modern non-foiling designs of similar length and give that all-important fun factor. They've got their quirks and frustrations for sure, but there is no doubt that Hobie Alter, Phil Edwards, Bruce Kirby and Ian Bruce designed timeless boats.

Bruce Kirby was the designer of the Laser dinghy - photo © Kirby Family
Bruce Kirby was the designer of the Laser dinghy - photo © Kirby Family

Sail GP GBR x Henri-Lloyd 2022 YY   Cyclops 2022 May MPU

So, what is it about the boats which have kept them so popular? Let's first look at the Hobie 16.

Hobie Alter was very specific that the 16 was to be a beach cat, so needed to avoid having daggerboards. The slab sides of each banana-shaped hull provide the equivalent of a daggerboard, and the Hobie-patented automatic-release stock (comprising a casting, a cam, and a spring-loaded plunger) mean the rudders kick up when hitting shallows; you can sail the boat straight up the beach.

Day one of the Crossview Enterprises 2021 WA Hobie Cat State Championships - photo © Drew Malcolm
Day one of the Crossview Enterprises 2021 WA Hobie Cat State Championships - photo © Drew Malcolm

Hyde Sails 2017 March 300x250   April May June MPU 2022

The leeward hull frequently is beneath the water, so the trampoline is raised above the hulls by pylons, secured by aluminium alloy beams on all four sides. It's an industrial look and solution, but it works.

Both the main and jib are fully battened, and the boom is extremely low, requiring a bit of agility to get underneath. In light winds the jib battens require a nudge to get from side to side as they overlap the mast.

2022 Warren Taylor Homes WA Hobie State Championships - photo © Natalie Whitfield
2022 Warren Taylor Homes WA Hobie State Championships - photo © Natalie Whitfield

Barton Marine 2019 600x500   Musto 2017 300x250 Surefooted

This week I'm lucky enough to be out at Wildwind in Vassiliki, Greece with my family and I've taken both my boys out on the Hobie 16 for their first trapezing experience. To say they loved it is an understatement, with whoops of joy as we lifted a hull while they were on the wire, followed by giggles as they were washed round the back of the boat when we hit the water or they lost their grip.

Bruised but enthused is the way I'd describe them both right now. The fun factor is there in abundance, and this 52-year-old design is passing the test with the latest young generation of sailors.

In a strong breeze the 16 is capable of 25+ knots of boat speed, and the latest stunt the team at Wildwind pulled off was foilboarding behind one. The latest in tech powered by an old-school cat!

2022 ILCA 7 Men's Worlds day 4 - photo © John Pounder /
2022 ILCA 7 Men's Worlds day 4 - photo © John Pounder /

Harken UK 2021 - NEBO 2 MPU   RYA Membership - Accredited 2017

The ILCA - Laser, Kirby Torch or Weekender, call it what you will - has a hull shape that is hard to beat. Easy to get going in the light stuff, and yet fast in the breeze. Yes, it's tippy, and prone to catch you out if you make the slightest mistake, but it holds its own with the majority of modern designs of the same size.

The issues with the mainsheet catching on the aft corners and the rudder stalling out are well known, but aside from a major redesign of both the mainsail and a new rudder, these problems aren't going to go away.

David Casele at Queen Mary SC in 1979 - photo © UKLA Archive
David Casele at Queen Mary SC in 1979 - photo © UKLA Archive

Selden 2020 - E40i electric winch - MPU   Zhik 2022 New Season Gear MPU

Over time there have been significant changes to the class, with probably the change to 'XD' sail controls being the most significant. Before the high-purchase kicker was introduced, it was commonplace for sailors at the leeward mark to intentionally luff up into the breeze with the mainsheet on hard, then yank on the kicker as hard as possible, before continuing the upwind leg.

The ILCA dinghy can be found on almost every beach club holiday in the world, and I've yet to see a boatpark at a sailing club without at least one, with its ubiquitous flat cover and the outline of the three spar parts showing through.

RS Aero UK Spring Championship at Island Barn - photo © IBRSC
RS Aero UK Spring Championship at Island Barn - photo © IBRSC

MPU brokerage   MPU E6 question mark animated

I've often wondered if the deck mould could be modified to give rolled side decks and an open transom, combined with a modern rig and rudder. Would this be an improvement? Would a deck mould modification coupled with a new rig be cost effective? In many ways the RS Aero is just this, so I guess the time has passed for my musings on the matter.

I had several chats on the phone with Bruce Kirby around the time that the trademark dispute was really gathering pace, where we talked about the future of the class. While the design is timeless, it certainly has its imperfections.

Hobie 16 Nationals 2021 at Poole - photo © Hazel Beard
Hobie 16 Nationals 2021 at Poole - photo © Hazel Beard

Stoneways Marine 2021 - MPU   MPU from May 9 2022

Both the Hobie 16 and ILCA are over 50 years old, so is there a modern dinghy or catamaran which can truly be regarded as timeless? Will the RS Aero I've mentioned above, still be going strong in 50 years, found on every beach and in every dinghy park? What other catamaran will continue to be produced in numbers 50 years after it is designed?

I've given this some thought, and you may well find my choice for a modern-day timeless classic an odd one.

I looked through every dinghy design I knew of, and thought which boat incorporates modern and rugged hull construction, is relatively cheap, can be sailed by both kids and adults, is simple and quick to rig, and my conclusion landed on the RS Zest.

Caribbean Sailing Association Fundraiser - photo © Caribbean Sailing Association
Caribbean Sailing Association Fundraiser - photo © Caribbean Sailing Association

Allen 2020 - A2031XHL - 600x500   TMS 2022 - BONOMI MPU

I've had quite a bit of experience now, both sailing the Zest and more importantly watching how much fun the kids have in the Zest, and I think it's the ideal boat for clubs and beach holidays. With its vertical battens the mainsail can be rolled around the mast, it is equally balanced with or without the jib, the boom is high enough for adults to comfortably pass underneath, the rudder is easy to put down and up and (most importantly) it has a centreboard rather than a daggerboard, even though it is of rotomoulded construction. Also, the fittings have been kept to an absolute minimum, which is vital for club-owned fleets to keep the maintenance down.

Watching the Zest racing, it is surprisingly fast for such a stable boat, and is also easy to right when capsizes do happen. With the high boom visibility is good, so those who are newcomers to racing have an excellent view of everything going on around them, making it the perfect boat to introduce sailors to club races.

RS Zest - photo © RS Sailing
RS Zest - photo © RS Sailing

McConaghy 2022 - MC63p & MC75 MPU   Sailingfast 2018 600x500

A common factor across all the clubs that I have seen succeeding in the rapidly-changing world that we live in is their club-owned fleets. Which is why the Zest is my choice as a modern timeless dinghy. Of course, only time itself will tell if my thoughts are correct, or if I'm totally barking up the wrong tree, but I believe it has the attributes, and the fun factor, to qualify.

I don't expect all our readers to agree with my choice, and I welcome you to email me with your thoughts on a modern timeless design via with your reasoning!

Mark Jardine and Managing Editor

Vaikobi 2021 Boots - MPU   Icom M330GE 300x250

RS Aero UK Nationals & International Open at Paignton Sailing Club - Day 3
Day 3 of the 2022 RS Aero UK at Paignton brought another increase in wind and new faces to the front of the leader boards. An energetic 8-16kn veered through the day by some 100 degrees as forecast which kept James Ripley's race team busy.

Craftinsure Silver Scorpion open meeting at Sidmouth Sailing Club
This was the first salt water Open Meeting of the 2022 season. The home of twelve Scorpions and also veteran builder Kevin Gosling's home club, Sidmouth is the type of place the Scorpion was designed for.

Planet Sail Episode 19: Launched - Flying Nikka..SailGP analysis..Kiwi Speed project.New TOR team
Ten months ago a bundle of smart looking renderings set the scene for a wild and ambitious concept - Today it's the real deal, afloat and flying. Has the Mark Mills designed keelboat foiler Flying Nikka triggered the start of offshore foiling?

RS Sailing 2021 - MPU   Craftinsure 2018 Retina MPU
WASZP and Rooster team up in new partnership
WASZP and Rooster announce a new partnership that brings two of the world's most popular dinghy sailing brands together. The partnership aims to spread good sailing vibes to foilers and future foilers everywhere.

Whaley scores Worlds PB despite 'hardest days of his life'
British sailor Sam Whaley described the 2022 ILCA 7 World Championships as the hardest six days of his life - as he notched up a personal best 11th-place finish.

Shearwater TT at Rutland Sailing Club
All arrived on Friday night at Rutland Sailing Club. It was a beautiful evening and a lovely green field campsite full of sailors from lots of different classes with beers in hand, what more could you ask for!

Typhoon 2021 - MPU   Upffront 2020 Foredeck Club MPU
Open Day 2022 at Blackwater Sailing Club
The Blackwater Sailing Club at Heybridge Basin held their annual Open Day on Saturday 7 May. The weather was generally kind and finished in glorious sunshine. The day saw a steady stream of visitors with a total of over 300 people.

The World Sailing Show: Programme 1 - Season 2022: America's Cup, SailGP, Paralympics and more
The World Sailing Show is back for 2022! Every month there will be a round up the world of sailing exclusively on YouTube. Every show will be available to view on World Sailing's YouTube channel.

Robline Craftinsure GP14 Inlands and Masters Championship at Bala Sailing Club
Eighteen boats gathered for the Robline Craftinsure GP14 2022 Inlands and Master's Championship, held at Bala SC, the late start Saturday made it much easier for the travellers to get there (which was much appreciated!).

MPU consumer March April May 2022   J Composites 2022 - J99 MPU
RS300 Rooster National Tour Round 2 at the Filey Regatta
It seemed almost perfect that there were three RS300s attending the Filey Regatta. As is the normal rule with RS300 events, whoever comes third has to write the report... so you can see how that turned out

Il Corvo wins the North Sea Race
The overall winner for the North Sea Race under IRC was the Dutch JPK 1180 Il Corvo, owned by Astrid de Vin and skippered by Roeland Franssens.

2022 GC32 Riva Cup - Overall
Technically helmsman Arnaud Psarofaghis and his crew on Alinghi Red Bull Racing - SUI 8 won the GC32 Riva Cup with two races spare.

Allspars December 2019 MPU   Pro-Set 300x250
61st Yachtmaster Insurance Three Rivers Race at Horning Sailing Club
There are few races as iconic, memorable or challenging as the Yachtmaster Insurance Three Rivers Race and, in its 61st year, the 2022 race over Saturday 28th-Sunday 29th May was no exception.

Europe UK Nationals - Runners & Riders
The Europe fleet are returning to WPNSA for the 2022 Nationals over the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend. As a fleet, it's all about inclusion and enjoyment sailing these fab little boats, but there are also some rather lovely trophies up for grabs.

Team Rockit - Dee Caffari and Shirley Robertson complete their first offshore race
Shirley Robertson and Dee Caffari talk about their Double handed plans for the season, notably competing in the 1800Nm Round Britain and Ireland race in August. They update on their first offshore race together, the 115nm De Guingand Bowl.

GJW Direct 2020 MPU   Rooster 2020 - Impact BA - MPU
Video: Foilboarding behind a Hobie 16!
The weather has been kind to Wildwind since we opened for this summer and we have seen perfect cross-shore winds most afternoons in May. That's not unexpected, of course, since it's like this pretty much season round.

Rooster Diamond Overhead Buoyancy Aid Back in Stock
Plus 10% off chandlery at Rooster Sailing. In the blog: Five best ways to start sailing on a shoestring.

2022 ILCA 7 Men's World Championship presented by Paradise Village Group at Vallarta, Mexico Overall
The first race of the day brought a little drama when the event leader Jean-Baptiste Bernaz (FRA) got a Black flag, and Pavlos Kontides (CYP) finished fifth, which lifted him to a second overall place, with just 12 points behind Jean-Baptiste.

Sea Sure 2020 - SHOCK-WBV - MPU   Ocean Safety 2021 - MPU
Paddle, sail, surf or foil in Vaikobi footwear
Whether you paddle, sail, surf or foil - get a grip in a pair of Vaikobi boots or neoprene socks!

52 SUPER SERIES Baiona Sailing Week Overall
American owner-driver Doug DeVos steered Quantum Racing to overall victory at the ABANCA 52 SUPER SERIES Baiona Sailing Week lifting the first regatta title of the five which comprise the tenth anniversary season of the circuit.

Musto announces new partnership with the Royal Dutch Watersports Association
Musto today announced a new partnership with the Royal Dutch Watersports Association as Official Clothing Supplier. The performance clothing brand will kit out the national sailing team, officials and members for the next three years.

Barts Bash 2022   Lennon Thermalite 300x250 1
Barton Marine Hints and Tips - Regular Deck Hardware Maintenance Saves Money
We stand with you as the cost of everyday essentials skyrockets and so want to try and help keep you on the water. Well maintained equipment will offer years of service in the marine environment, so it is not always necessary to replace parts.

Musto Skiffs at the Noble Marine One Design Regatta Weekend at Largs Sailing Club
Largs' annual One Design Regatta Weekend included the Musto Skiffs for the fourth event of the hugely competitive Scottish & Northern Skiff Tour. The eight boat Musto fleet had a smaller than expected turnout, with many regulars being tied up elsewhere.

Mark Sinclair, back to les Sables d'Olonne after 174 days at sea, finishes his Golden Globe Race
At 1406hrs today, Friday the 27th, Captain Coconut Mark Sincliar (Australia) crossed the famous Nouch Sud cardinal buoy off Les Sables d'Olonne, France, ending a 174-day solitary voyage at sea.

Noble Marine 2022 YY - MPU   Crewsaver Ergofit MPU
RS200 SW Ugly Tour 2022 Round 3 sponsored by West Country Boat Repairs, at St. Mawes Sailing Club
Sixteen RS200s made their way to St Mawes for the third round of the South West "Ugly" Tour sponsored by West Country Boat Repairs. Merrick and Victoria, winners of the first event of the tour came up against locals, and the winners of the second event.

Simrad Tillerpilot - A Cost Effective Extra Pair Of Hands
For shorthanded sailors, a good autohelm is like having an extra pair of hands on deck. But the cost of a full-blown system can be prohibitive for many smaller boats. A tiller pilot offers a cost-effective solution for boats up to 37ft in length.

Rooster RS Tera Start of Season Championships at Burton Sailing Club
The UK RS Tera National circuit kicked off in style at the Start of Seasons Championship at Burton Sailing Club. A volunteer army from the host club looked after sailors and families all weekend with the Sea Cadets lending a hand to help unload boats.

Fireball 60th Anniversary Open Meeting to be held at Hayling Island SC 1-3 July
For many sailors the Fireball has been an ever-present during their years on the water and it is, perhaps, a little disconcerting for some to reflect on the fact that the class will be 60 years old this year. Tempus fugit!

Sign up today for Bart's Bash 2022 - Help Us To Spread The Word!
Sign up today for our flagship fundraising event, connecting sailing communities all over the world in our annual participation campaign.

International 14s at the 2022 Weymouth Skiff Open
Ten International Fourteens travelled to Portland for the 2022 Skiff Open. The two-day event joined together Musto Skiffs, B14's, Cherubs and I14's, providing a great opportunity for the 14 to show what it could do.

Free hooded towel with a Zhik Skiff Suit!
Purchase a Zhik Skiff Suit and get a free hooded towel.

The Ocean Race aims for equal number of male and female sailors in the event by 2030
The ambitious target is part of Horizon, a new collaboration with The Magenta Project, World Sailing Trust and PA Consulting, dedicated to increasing the number of women in professional sailing.

2022 Wetsuit Outlet UK Moth Class Nationals to be held the WPNSA, 9-12 June
This year's event is shaping up as an important guide for next years Worlds, to be held at the same venue, with a number of local front runners looking to lay down a solid marker.

2022 Fowey River Championships in Fowey, Cornwall
Fowey Sailing Committee, a combined body representing Fowey Gallants Sailing Club and Royal Fowey Yacht Club, hosted the 2022 Fowey River Championships in Fowey, Cornwall over the weekend of May 21st and 22nd.

Bosham Masters at Bosham Sailing Club
Fifty or so boats and 80 sailors enjoyed three days of close racing in ideal conditions for the Bosham Sailing Club Masters 2022, sponsored by Stride & Son on May 20-22.

Marine Resources: Where does your role stand in the Marine Market?
In the spirit of reflection, if you feel ready to take the next step in your career after re-evaluating your current role but are unsure where to begin, Marine Resources are here to help!

Allen ILCA Wear Protectors
Introducing the ILCA Wear Protectors, a product designed to stop the damage which can be caused by the mainsheet traveller blocks, ensuring your boat stays protected.

HD Sails Scottish Solo Championship at Prestwick Sailing Club
The Solo class arrived at Prestwick for the HD Sails Scottish Solo Championship at Prestwick SC. This venue on the west coast has excellent sea sailing conditions and the forecast moderate to fresh south westerly did not disappoint.

Cherubs at the Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy Skiff Open
Six boats made the journey to WPNSA for the inaugural Skiff open alongside the Musto Skiffs, International 14s and B14s. Saturday started with a light breeze and sunshine with the promise of the sea breeze filling in during racing.

RS700 Rooster National Tour Open Meeting at Oxford Sailing Club
This was our second event on the RS700 Rooster National Tour and directly followed a weekend of fleet training so it was the perfect opportunity for many to put new techniques into practice.

Musto Skiffs at the Weymouth Skiff Open 2022
We arrived at the Musto Skiff Ovington build venue for the next round of the Southern Series with a good turnout of 21 boats at Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA). Some boats arrived early for a fantastic sail in 20 knots on the Friday.

Tokoloshe on top! Round 2 Cape 31 Race Circuit - RORC Vice Admiral's Cup
Round Two of the 31 Race Circuit blew it out of the water. This was the second time the class has been at the Royal Ocean Racing Club Vice Admiral's Cup and after being the smallest class last year, the Cape 31 Class was the largest in the Regatta.

International Canoe Training and Open at Castle Cove Sailing Club
Fresh from the Friday's training session with words of wisdom from Adam Bowers on starting techniques and the finer points of rounding marks echoing through the heads of the assembled canoe sailors, Saturday morning brought a promising outlook.

Enterprise Thames Valley Bowl Round 5 at Silver Wing Sailing Club
The Just Jane Trophy was contested at Silver Wing Sailing Club in Wraysbury, luckily not right under, on this occasion, the flight path to Heathrow Airport.

Could you be Head of Operations for the Andrew Simpson Foundation?
Join the Andrew Simpson Foundation team!

Solo Midland Area Series Round 5 at South Staffordshire Sailing Club sponsored by Allen
I awoke wondering how I was going to feel as I'd had my Covid booster three days before, only because of my desire to compete in the Nations Cup, and head to France in June.

Entries open for Poole Week 2022
The British sailing season wouldn't be complete without Poole Week, which takes place this year from 28th August to 2nd September.

Hadron H2 Solent Trophy event at Warsash Sailing Club - Overall
As the competitors munched their hearty breakfasts at Warsash SC on the second and final day of the H2 Solent Trophy, the wind was looking to be as forecast - rather feeble.

2022 Hansa TT at Notts County Sailing Club
A fine morning and encouraging forecast set a cheerful tone as boats began arriving at Notts County for our 21st Hansa TT; 15 in total from all over the country.

Hyde Sails 2021 - Basic FOOTER

Stoneways Marine 2021 - FOOTER

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