Help with the Y&Y event calendar feed

Those running a website for a class association or sailing club may like to show a list of relevant events, without the effort of keeping it updated themselves. You could just simply show a link, but Yachts and Yachting also provides 3 easy ways to embed such a list on your site.

Make a selection from just one of these two boxes to get the appropriate link below:

Simple link
To link to a page which shows relevant events, just use:

If your website supports RSS feeds, and you are familiar with how to add these, the Y&Y events feed will serve you best.
The link you need is:

Embedding a webpage
If you have control over the source HTML of your site, you can embed a Y&Y events list into your own page, using an IFRAME.
The page we supply contains a logo, title and simple table with mimimum styling, so it does not clash with your own site's style/colour.
The code you need is:

Make a HTTP call
Programmers can use ASP, PHP or JavaScript to call the Y&Y site and return just an HTML table (no document headers/footer) and insert that directly into their webpage as desired. Add your own CSS to style the table as you wish to, as each element has a CSS class specified.
The URL you need is:

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