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Sailmon Sailmon

We are Sailmon. We are set out to serve the sailing community worldwide by making our beautiful sport of sailing more comprehensible. Bringing it closer to the audiences. Ultimately, making it more fun. Hence, we are growing the sailing community. Making sailing better. And bigger.

Through innovation, we are developing a completely new and fresh approach to sailing as a sport, based on the latest technologies. Originating from the big Super Yachts and Grand Prix Racing Yachts, we now are making this advanced technology available to all sailboats.

We do this by developing hardware, software, apps, and an online platform and by integrating smartphones, tablets and internet connectivity in our future-proof solutions available to everyone.

Sailmon is founded early 2014 in the Netherlands by Kalle Coster, Peter Houtzagers and Enno Romkema. All three share a passion for sailing! They see sailing as the best and most diverse sport in the world. Sailing technology however was -and is- outdated. Over the years sailors have simply come to accept and ignore this. Sailmon believes there is so much more potential to the sport with the right technology.

Kalle Coster is a three-time Olympic sailor and entrepreneur. All his sailing life, he demonstrated a special interest in sailing electronics. Experimenting various hardware and software solutions, in his 470, or the coach boat, or any other racing yacht. After finishing his Olympic career, he decided to take this to a higher, serious level and therefore teamed up with Peter Houtzagers and Enno Romkema.