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Melges Melges

Melges Boat Works, Inc. was founded by Harry C. Melges, Sr. in 1945. He became an instant leader in Scow boat design, production and delivery in the U.S., particularly in the Midwest. Harry, Sr. initially built boats out of wood. The first boats produced were flat-bottomed row boats, which provided a core business to keep his vision and the company alive. It wasn't long before he branched into race boat production delivering the best hulls, sails, spars, covers and accessories to ensure that his customers stayed on the competitive cutting edge.

Melges (pronounced mel•gis), is one of the most reputable, recognized and respected family names in the sailing industry. The devotion, generosity, perseverance and passion that surround the name are undeniable. The Melges name will forever be a legendary symbol of quality, excellence and experience that is second-to-none.