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NeilPryde Sailing NeilPryde Sailing

There are many people that even today don’t realise that the brand is actually named after a real man - Neil Pryde. Having started as a sail maker some 40 years ago Neil now heads up one of the worlds leading water sports companies producing leading brand names such as NeilPryde, Windsurfing and Cabrinha Kitesurfing. More recently the NeilPrude loft has become well known as the supplier of gear for RS:X Olympic windsurfing class together with being the preferred sail maker to the 49er and 29er class. The distinctive blue and white bulls eye is a regular site at all the major regattas worldwide.

It is Sailing that is Neil’s passion. Neil has been sailing, and more importantly racing since a small boy growing up in New Zealand. Having been to the 505 World Champions and represented his country in the FD at the Mexico Olympics Neil has continued his love of competitive sailing to become one of Asia’s most successful and renowned skippers having won the Phuket King’s Cup an unprecedented four times as well numerous other champions in the region.

Total concentration, determination and a fanatical will to win is what makes Neil Pryde, the man such a respected figure in the world of sailing. That same determination and drive we put into producing the equipment that carries his name. You can be sure that the heritage of 40 years of competition is in everything we do, continuing the mantra that has served man and brand well over the years.