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The hikingbench is constructed from aluminium extrusion which provides a strong, yet light weight assembly. The whole unit is held together with ergonomically designed hand wheel nuts to allow for easy assembly, transport and storage.

The hikingbench is fitted with a Sailing Solutions adjustable toe-strap and has a sliding seat position to match most dinghies, such as the Topper and Laser. The seat (designed to simulate the deck section) is made from a special grade of polycarbonate plastic which is designed to give a similar amount of flex to that of a real dinghy. hikingbench™ has been awarded a Design registration number 4012136.
See Website for details of new version for Finn, Merlin rocket etc

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Martin Latimer

I brought my Hiking Bench about two weeks ago, and have found it very good. It is well built, light to move from room to and strong.
Along with other excercise its a good way of building or maintaining sailing fitness and maybe even saving your knees!
2 November 2009

Magnus Smith

Does it fold down flat and stow under the sofa? That's an important consideration in my house!3 November 2009


Hikingbench could stand on its side behind the sofa, or you could dismantle, seat section is only 60mm deep. See assembly instructions November 2009

Martin Latimer

Brought the standard unit ages ago - see top post.I've been using the Finn bench for a few weeks. Very different to the standard unit and really replicates the agony of Finn Hiking perfectly! Another Superb product and really robust. Happy to endorse the product.
Sold by old unit on ebay in no time.
5 March 2011


I bought my Hiking bench at the beginning of the year, and couldn't be happier. The quality and design is exceptional. It is also very strong, while still being light. The plastic seat simulates hiking really well, and feels just like the decks of a centreboard yacht. A great feature of this hiking bench unlike many others is that the distance from the hiking strap to the seat is adjustable. Fully recommend this product.17 June 2011


Excellent- I love this hiking bench. High quality, easy to assemble, it even looks great. Replicates laser hiking perfectly. Highly recommend this product28 February 2013

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