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Lewmar EVO Winches - Made to Last

by Kerri Robson 2 Apr 12:00 BST
Lewmar EVO Winches - Made to last © Lewmar

Lewmar's flagship EVO® winch range is an evolution of their Ocean range which they claim is the most popular winch ever made. This is due to their widespread use by volume boat builders who prioritise ease of use / maintenance and reliability.

The Ocean range remains in the Lewmar catalogue primarily due to the large number of winches out there that require spare parts. According to Lewmar Sales Manager Adam Cockerill: "There are plenty of customers out there with 30-year-old winches which, with regular maintenance, are in perfect condition".

However, for new winches, the EVO® range combines updated styling, robust internal mechanics and a complete cross-section of products which spans plain top, self-tailing, cruise, race and full electric/hydraulic options.

Key Features and Benefits

Simple servicing : The key to the renowned longevity of Lewmar winches is regular maintenance, which Adam Cockerill suggests should involve a full strip down at least once per year. At the heart of the winch design is the ability to service the winch with absolutely no tools, which means regularly checking and maintaining your winches is super easy.

Self-tailing feeder arm : The integrated stainless steel feeder arm completely covers the top of the winch to prevent rope jams and can be orientated to smoothly feed the line into the cockpit.

Engineering excellence and quality : Lewmar have been doing this for a long time and their focus is on 'designing in' reliability and durability into all their EVO® winches. They are so confident in the quality that they support them with a 7 year manufacturer warranty.

The EVO® range explained

EVO® Sport : Plain-top winches from size 6 up to size 40 in black alloy and chrome bronze. Ideally suited to sportsboats or mast mounted winches.

EVO® Self-tailing winches : The core manual self-tailing range from size 15 - 80, all available in black or grey alloy and bronze chrome.

EVO® Race : Fundamentally the same as the standard self-tailing winch but with a race styling; including aluminium feeder arm, carbon inlay and silver trim band. Only available in black aluminium and from size 30 - 55.

EVO® Race+ : All the styling improvement of the EVO® Race, plus some real weight savings and performance improvements. The lighter weight main stem/spindle and composite bearings delivers a whopping 32% weight saving over the standard EVO® Race.

EVO® Speed Ring : This is a specialist winch available in black and grey alloy in two sizes (40 & 45). It has a second, larger drum diameter on the base which is ideal for asymmetric / spinnaker trimming, as it delivers significantly greater line retrieval per rotation.

EVO® Electric : Electric EVO® winches are available from size 40 - 80 in 12V (size 40 - 65) and 24V (size 55 - 80) versions. These can be bought new, or in kit form, to convert any existing manual EVO® winch in this size range.

REVO™ Electric : For the ultimate in cruising comfort the REVO™ has a simple two button operation and is available in five sizes (40, 45, 50, 55, 65).

EVO® Hydraulic : Hydraulic winches are lighter than electric (approx. 27% at size 55), are quieter and take up less space below deck. Available from size 46 - 77 in alloy black, grey and chrome.


Lewmar have created a comprehensive, flexible and interchangeable range of EVO® winches to cater for every need. Their reputation is built on reliability and durability; plus commonality of internal parts means simple and freely-available spares to ensure you maintain your winches in peak condition.

View the full range of Lewmar winches at If you have any questions or would like to talk about upgrading or replacing your winches, please contact us at or via the winch enquiry form.

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