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Perth Sailing Club points series & Millhurst Race

by Bob Watson 26 Sep 2018 09:42 BST 22-23 September 2018

Saturday saw the continuation of the long summer Points Series. Seven boats took to the water for the first race in bright sunshine with a light westerly force 2/3 wind.

With the current running hard slowing progress Alan Jones helming his Solo was away first on a port tack followed by Robin MacArthur crewed by Gilly Amatt in his Albacore, then Hunter Williamson's Solo. On reaching the bridge Robin and Gilly were leading, followed by Andrew Porteous and Hunter at the A mark.

Hunter managed to get inside Robin at the C mark as did James Curley. James was first to D mark and he carried on towards the south shore while the remainder tacked round mark and got ahead. With the wind picking up Hunter, Robin and Andrew were all close together while James was struggling up-wind and all were in the same position at the C Mark with Hunter extending his lead. James had to veer off starboard to avoid colliding with Douglas Ogilivie.

By the third round Hunter was extending his lead followed by Robin with Andrew dropping back a bit. James was struggling up-wind while Munro and Joe Gauld in a Club Quest passed Alan at C Mark. First over the line was Hunter followed closely by Robin and Gilly with Andrew in 3rd position.

Six boats entered the second race of the day – weather and wind conditions the same. Alan was first away on starboard tack followed by Robin and Gilly, then Hunter. Approaching B Mark Robin was well in front having used the north shore while the remainder of the fleet stalled on the south shore. Robin made C mark whilst rest were rounding B Mark. Robin extending his lead had to pinch at B Mark during the second round, but didn't make it allowing the other boats to catch up.

While Alan dropped back, Andrew closed in on Robin as they approached D Mark, with James passing Hunter between B & C. Robin touched B mark again and had to carry out a penalty turn. During the 3rd round the tide turned and the current was very strong and fleet making very little headway on port tack though Robin managed to get ahead again while James got in front of Andrew and Hunter.

Robin cleared B Mark cleanly for the fourth and final round and extended his lead further being at D mark whilst the rest were still at B mark, though Andrew was back ahead of James. First over the line was Robin and Gilly followed by James with Andrew in third position.

Eight boats participated in race down to Millhurst and back on Sunday. Conditions were mixed with sunshine, interspersed with light showers and light wind. The decision was taken to take times at the rounding mark at Millhurst in case the wind died and not all boats would have been able to make the finish at the clubhouse. It was the father and daughter crew of Sandy Rodger and Jennifer Casebow in their Albacore Dash that make a good start closely followed by the rest of the fleet.

By the time the boats reached Sleepless inch the fleet was beginning to stretch out with good the leader James Curley (Laser) and Alan Jones (Solo) making good progress towards Millhurst. At the turning point it was James followed by Alan with the next three boats Dash, Kieran Foley-Hall and Andrew Porteous in the Albacore Kelpie and Peter Bevan and Anna Woodhead in the Miracle close behind. At the back of the fleet it was Jack Douglas (Woodpecker) Robin McArthur and Jilly Amatt in the Albacore (CordenBleau) and Hunter Williamson (Whoof).

At that stage of the race it would have been Alan Jones who would have taken the trophy with James Curley second, but the wind picked up slightly and all boats headed west against an outgoing tide back towards the clubhouse. The fickle winds at Sleepless Inch slowed all the boats in the fleet allowing the Albacores to catch up with the leading boats. Those that decided to stay in the deeper reaches of the river were at a disadvantage and the strong tide was taking these boats down river.

The fleet gradually made it's way along the North bank of the Tay by which time Sandy and Jennifer (Dash) had pulled ahead. Discussions between the safety boats crews and the race officer as to whether to abandon the race were held but a squall headed in from the west gave all the boats much needed wind to allow racing to continue. Kieran and Andrew in the Albacore had a few exciting moments when the squall broke and it was a testing time for Keiran's first race as a helm.

Sandy and Jenny were first over the line followed by James Curley (Laser) and Jack Douglas (Solo) with Peter and Anna (Miracle) in fourth. Hunter Williamson in his Solo was caught by a squall a few yards from the line and was capsized but continued to make a finished once he got back in the boat. It was a great determination by all the sailors to get back after some two hours without the need for a tow from the rescue craft. The winner of the Millhurst was Peter Bevan assisted by cadet Anna Woodhead in their Miracle Ptarmigan.

Results after Handicap - Sat 22nd Race 1:

1st Whoof (H.Williamson)
2nd Whooper (A.Porteous)
3rd Laser (J.Curley)

Results after Handicap - Sat 22nd Race 2:

1st Whooper (A.Porteous)
2nd Corden Bleau (R.McArthur/G.Amatt)
3rd Laser (J.Curley)

Results after Handicap - Sun 23rd Millhurst:

1st Ptarmigan (P.Bevan/A.Woodhead)
2nd Woodpecker (J.Douglas)
3rd Solo (A.Jones)

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