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Sharps Doom Bar Merlin Rocket Week at Salcombe Yacht Club - Day 6

by Tim Fells 15 Jul 2016 18:27 BST 10-15 July 2016

The final day brought cloud and a gradient WSW force 2 but with the hope of more later in the day.

Red v Black flights. Course 1,3,1,7,1,3

With only a 2.1 metre Neap Tide, the main challenge was reading where the pressure was. On the town side there was more pressure but dead on the nose, whereas on the Portlemouth side there was a big left hander but less wind. Ultimately, it proved a dead heat with Paul and Ben Hollis coming in from the right to round just ahead of Christian and Rob who had played the left.

On the run down to Crossways, Chris Martin and Ben Hendon came through to take the lead which they held all the way up to Blackstone to just lose out to William Warren (who had recruited, heavily hung over, champion crew, son Alex for the day).

On the long run down to Gerston, Simon and Ali held a lower line in pressure to get inside the leaders at Snapes Point and took the lead. However they were passed by Jenn and Chris Dodds, who led coming out of the Bag.They took the Batson side to keep ahead of Will and Alex, but Simon and Ali crossed to Ditch End and took a comfortable lead to take the bullett. Christian and Rob secured another solid fourth. Chris and Ben held on for a top result in fifth ahead of Jon Gorringe and Ben George.

In the overall battle for the top three, Simon and Ali have eleven points. Chris Gould and Chris Kilsby will go head to head with Will and Mary Henderson, both needed top two placings to beat Simon and Ali.

Blue v Green flights. Course 1,4,1,6,5,7

With the sun coming out and a building WSW breeze, sailed over the top of the tide, this was probably the best conditions of the week. The fleet got away cleanly spread across the width of the harbour. After a tight first beat, the leading bunch down the long run to Yalton included Oli Turner and Sam Mottershead, Chris Jennings and Pete Horn, Roger and Jane Gilbert, and Si Blake and Pippa Taylor.

Oli and Sam led the race for most of the tour of the harbour, enjoying the great racing but the chasing pack were never far behind. As often happens at Salcombe the final beat to the line had enough going on to juggle the results. Roger and Jane called the shots perfectly to come through and beat Chris and Pete by a nose from Si and Pippa. Oli and Sam fell to fourth in a week which has been very tough to them. Phil Dalby and Fran Gifford matched their first race fifth with a strong finish. Of the contenders for second overall, Will and Mary in sixth and the Chrises in seventh fell out of the overall podium positions.

So ended another great week. A very big thanks to all the SYC members who gave of their personal time to organize the racing and keep us fed and watered.

Overall Results:

PosSail NoFlightBoat NameHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12Pts
1st3684BlueKeyser SozeAndy DavisAlex WarrenBlithfield SC(DNC)12(DNC)1(DNC)2(DNC)(DNC)1(DNC)(DNC)7
2nd3777BlackMockingjaySimon PottsAlly MartinBurghfield SC(DNC)2(DNC)1(DNC)‑43(DNC)4(DNC)1(DNC)11
3rd3756RedRobertWilliam WarrenMark OakeyShoreham SC1(DNC)‑7(DNC)(DNC)2(DNC)1(DNC)63(DNC)13
4th3726GreenThe Dark SideWill HendersonMary HendersonSalcombe YC‑14(DNC)(DNC)32(DNC)(DNC)31(DNC)(DNC)615
5th3735BlueClone WarsSimon BlakePippa TaylorHollingworth Lake SC(DNC)‑131(DNC)4(DNC)5(DNC)(DNC)2(DNC)315
6th3778GreenPeer PressureChris GouldChris KilsbyBlithfield SC2(DNC)(DNC)2‑15(DNC)(DNC)22(DNC)(DNC)715
7th3691BlueQuick FixMike CalvertJane CalvertAxe YC(DNC)49(DNC)5(DNC)1(DNC)(DNC)3(DNC)‑1022
8th3722GreenStealthRoger GilbertJane GilbertTBA7(DNC)(DNC)4‑14(DNC)(DNC)73(DNC)(DNC)122
9th3738Red Christian BirrellRob GollanRoyal Southern(DNC)(DNC)8(DNC)(DNC)3(DNC)4(DNC)54(DNC)24
10th3658BlueBernardChris JenningsPete HornBurghfield SC(DNC)75(DNC)6(DNC)6(DNC)(DNC)‑10(DNC)226
11th3764BlueFancy LiquorTim FellsOli WellsSalcombe YC(DNC)34(DNC)‑11(DNC)4(DNC)(DNC)7(DNC)826
12th3743RedPoking the TurtleMatt BiggsJohn HacketBlithfield SC3(DNC)12(DNC)(DNC)1(DNC)8(DNC)4(DNF)(DNC)28
13th3611RedThe Phantom MenaceJen DoddsChris DoddsNottingham SC11(DNC)‑13(DNC)(DNC)9(DNC)6(DNC)92(DNC)37
14th3707GreenMonkey BusinessAlex JacksonChris DownhamHampton SC4(DNC)(DNC)133(DNC)(DNC)10(BFD)(DNC)(DNC)939
15th3754BlackDidley PokeyJon GorringeBen GeorgeSalcombe YC(DNC)5(DNC)5(DNC)1112(DNC)(BFD)(DNC)6(DNC)39
16th3673GreenThe OldieCaroline CroftBeka JonesBlithfield SC6(DNC)(DNC)810(DNC)(DNC)115(DNC)(DNC)‑1640
17th3676GreenHot TottyPhil DalbyFrances GiffordRanelagh SC5(DNC)(DNC)‑1512(DNC)(DNC)910(DNC)(DNC)541
18th3678BlueNoraStephen CrookSally TownendHollingworth Lake SC(DNC)66(DNC)‑24(DNC)10(DNC)(DNC)14(DNC)1147
19th3781BlackThe Force AwakensDavid WinderOliver WinderHollingworth Lake SC(DNC)11(DNC)11(DNC)711(DNC)‑14(DNC)8(DNC)48
20th3712BlueOakey DokeyIan SharpsEllie SharpsBurghfield SC(DNC)(DNF)3(DNC)22(DNC)7(DNC)(DNC)8(DNC)1353
21st3715GreenTruly ScrumptiousPaul RaysonChristian HillSalcombe YC / Fishers Green SC9(DNC)(DNC)1413(DNC)(DNC)156(DNC)(DNC)‑2057
22nd3685BlackThe black pearlSophie MackleyJames WarrenShoreham SC(DNC)19(DNC)9(DNC)814(DNC)‑21(DNC)7(DNC)57
23rd3730BlackBlood Sweat & BeersPaul HollisBen HollisBlithfield SC(DNC)8(DNC)16(DNC)616(DNC)‑18(DNC)12(DNC)58
24th3690RedGeneral LeeTim HarridgeLucy BurnHampton SC12(DNC)11(DNC)(DNC)‑15(DNC)12(DNC)1310(DNC)58
25th3539GreenGangsta ParadiseDan AlsopJennie KingLyme Regis SC21(DNC)(DNC)‑267(DNC)(DNC)137(DNC)(DNC)1866
26th3700GreenBrazilianRichard AdamsAndrew ProsserMidland SC(DNF)(DNC)(DNC)1016(DNC)(DNC)188(DNC)(DNC)1466
27th3641BluePuff The Magic DragonMark WaterhouseMat CurrelParkstone YC(DNC)1215(DNC)9(DNC)‑29(DNC)(DNC)15(DNC)1768
28th3744RedMylo XylotoChris MartinBen HendonBlithfield SC15(DNC)16(DNC)(DNC)‑28(DNC)17(DNC)175(DNC)70
29th3770RedShinyPete MitchellAlex HaymanHayling Island SC18(DNC)14(DNC)(DNC)13(DNC)‑23(DNC)1114(DNC)70
30th3687GreenMellow YellowMatt GreenfieldHannah GreenfieldChew Valley SC8(DNC)(DNC)1917(DNC)(DNC)523(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)72
31st3774RedPantherJon TurnerRichard ParslowLyme Regis(BFD)(DNC)17(DNC)(DNC)5(DNC)14(DNC)1225(DNC)73
32nd3645BlackBlue VelvetSteve HallCharlie RoomeBurnham SC(DNC)15(DNC)6(DNC)1713(DNC)‑29(DNC)24(DNC)75
33rd3659BlackZenoJulian ParryEvan ParryHollingworth Lake SC(DNC)22(DNC)23(DNC)18‑25(DNC)11(DNC)9(DNC)83
34th3666BlackEnchanted EveningJohn MeadowcroftKaty MeadowcroftSalcombe YC(DNC)17(DNC)24(DNC)12(DNF)(DNC)15(DNC)15(DNC)83
35th3727GreenFragileMark StockbridgeEddy AtkinsRanelagh SC20(DNC)(DNC)1218(DNC)(DNC)2017(DNC)(DNC)‑2487
36th3564Red Rob KennaughBen EavesTBA(DNC)(DNC)10(DNC)(DNC)14(DNC)16(DNC)1632(DNC)88
37th3615BlackEdgarStuart BatesAndrew HiltonHollingworth Lake SC(DNC)16(DNC)‑25(DNC)2221(DNC)13(DNC)18(DNC)90
38th3657RedRevolutionAnthony LoftsSophie PenwardenSalcombe YC10(DNC)23(DNC)(DNC)16(DNC)21(DNC)29‑39(DNC)99
39th3725BlueIsland GirlAndrew SquireLaura SquireSalcombe YC(DNC)9‑34(DNC)28(DNC)30(DNC)(DNC)19(DNC)15101
40th3702BlueSalmon en CrouteDuncan SalmonHarriet SalmonWembley SC(DNC)2321(DNC)25(DNC)18(DNC)(DNC)18(DNC)‑26105
41st3583BlackBack to the FutureColin AndersonSean AndersonBlithfield SC(DNC)14(DNC)21(DNC)‑3523(DNC)22(DNC)26(DNC)106
42nd3746BlackPoint n SquirtDaniel WillettPete NicholsonBrightlingsea SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)7(DNC)(DNF)8(DNC)19(DNC)13DNC108
43rd3740RedWhy AskPatrick BlakeAnna BurtonCookham Reach SC16(DNC)25(DNC)(DNC)27(DNC)25(DNC)‑3116(DNC)109
44th3773GreenNumber Thirty FourA K WarrenBill CarrollShoreham SC‑40(DNC)(DNC)1826(DNC)(DNC)3016(DNC)(DNC)19109
45th3710BlackParadigm shiftJon IbbotsonCharlotte StewartRanelagh SC(DNC)10(DNC)(BFD)(DNC)3020(DNC)27(DNC)23(DNC)110
46th3716BlackCarbonfootprintSteven LeneyGill LeneyBlithfield SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)20(DNC)109(DNC)(DNF)(DNC)11DNC111
47th3769BlackDiscipleGraham Cranford SmithFiona Cranford SmithSalcombe YC(DNC)26(DNC)‑30(DNC)2119(DNC)25(DNC)20(DNC)111
48th3656GreenWild CardOlly TurnerSam MottersheadSalcombe YC17(DNC)(DNC)(BFD)8(DNC)(DNC)24(DNF)(DNC)DNC4114
49th3719RedFluff N StuffJeremy DeaconJo DeaconCookham Reach SC19(DNC)19(DNC)(DNC)23(DNC)26(DNC)27‑34(DNC)114
50th3165BlackPanatellaDavid CroftAbigail CroftRYA(DNC)27(DNC)31(DNC)26‑34(DNC)12(DNC)22(DNC)118
51st3703GreenFaithlessRichard WhitworthZoe ParryParkstone YC / Hollingworth Lake SC(BFD)(DNC)(DNC)1720(DNC)(DNC)(BFD)9(DNC)DNC12119
52nd3731RedMayhemAndy JonesMaddie JonesBurghfield SC24(DNC)‑30(DNC)(DNC)19(DNC)27(DNC)2821(DNC)119
53rd3683BlueBluebirdBen JonesHelen HilditchShoreham SC / Tenby SC(DNC)2031(DNC)23(DNC)(DNF)(DNC)(DNC)24(DNC)22120
54th3566BlackPocket RocketJames WellsLiz WellsStarcross YC(DNC)21(DNC)27(DNC)(DNF)24(DNC)20(DNC)30(DNC)122
55th3679RedDads BoatNick HeginbothamLucy HeginbothamHollingworth Lake SC(DNF)(DNC)20(DNC)(DNC)25(DNC)28(DNC)2228(DNC)123
56th3665BlueStill Not OverRoss JacksonKelly Jackson‑MillerSSC(DNC)2428(DNC)21(DNC)27(DNC)(DNC)‑35(DNC)27127
57th3748BlueWhite TigerTony JohnsonLouise JohnsonLymington Town SC(DNC)(DNF)22(DNC)30(DNC)22(DNC)(DNC)25(DNC)30129
58th3682GreenRed WizardJon StewardAnnabel StewardFishers Green SC23(DNC)(DNC)2234(DNC)(DNC)‑3524(DNC)(DNC)28131
59th3652BlueTime & TideJohn BellDuncan BellHampton SC(DNC)1827(DNC)33(DNC)33(DNC)(DNC)‑38(DNC)21132
60th3651RedJupiterColin BrockbankMartin HughesWembley SC13(DNC)18(DNC)(DNC)(DNF)(DNC)(BFD)(DNC)2617DNC135
61st3709BlueWild at HeartTom LonsdaleAlice MarkhamUpper Thames SC(DNC)(DNF)(DNF)(DNC)19(DNC)15(DNC)(DNC)20DNC23138
62nd3705BlueTwo Pints of LagerGeoff WrightNoelle WrightBlithfield SC(DNC)(DNF)29(DNC)31(DNC)28(DNC)(DNC)21(DNC)29138
63rd3610RedNeedlemakersSam HirstCarl MartinSwarkestone SC25(DNC)36(DNC)(DNC)31(DNC)19(DNC)30‑44(DNC)141
64th3339GreenFlaming FastTim MaleRebecca MaleBlithfield SC22(DNC)(DNC)‑3837(DNC)(DNC)2928(DNC)(DNC)34150
65th3649Blue Andrew HarrisAndrea DownhamTamesis Club(DNC)(DNF)24(DNC)27(DNC)17(DNC)(DNC)(BFD)DNC25154
66th3648BlackBang TidyAntonia WrightJamie WrightShoreham SC(DNC)(DNF)(DNC)37(DNC)2035(DNC)31(DNC)31(DNC)154
67th3780BlackSidNev HerbertMark FowlerRoyal Lymington YC(DNC)28(DNC)28(DNC)(BFD)26(DNC)44(DNC)29(DNC)155
68th3672BlackBola BolaJohn CooperHilary BradshawWhitstable YC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)36(DNC)2443(DNC)34(DNC)19(DNC)156
69th3647RedLiquid DreamsHywel Bowen‑PerkinsLucy PenwardenHampton SC29(DNC)‑39(DNC)(DNC)33(DNC)34(DNC)3327(DNC)156
70th3640BlueSmart TartRien ZilvoldPhil ScottWhitstable YC(DNC)25(WAY)(DNC)38(DNC)39(DNC)(DNC)23(DNC)32157
71st3745GreenOutnumberedPaul DeanNicki Della PortaWembley SC37(DNC)(DNC)‑4129(DNC)(DNC)2239(DNC)(DNC)35162
72nd3575GreenGravadlaxRichard CookeJack SalmonWembley SC26(DNC)(DNC)3935(DNC)(DNC)3230(DNC)(DNC)‑40162
73rd3755RedTickled PinkPeter JacksonJohn PammenterBlackpool & Fleetwood YC27(DNC)32(DNC)(DNC)32(DNC)36(DNC)‑4038(DNC)165
74th3704BlueFactory MaidMrs Jemma HughesMr Russell HallThames SC(DNC)2933(DNC)‑44(DNC)31(DNC)(DNC)41(DNC)36170
75th2663RedT RexChristopher HaworthJoanne HaworthBlackpool & Fleetwood YC30(DNC)37(DNC)(DNC)34(DNC)‑39(DNC)3635(DNC)172
76th3643BlueMoistMark BarwellKarl ThorneLymington Town SC(DNC)(BFD)35(DNC)41(DNC)32(DNC)(DNC)34(DNC)33175
77th3771BlackSkipLaurie SmartAlex PauseyUpper Thames SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)34(DNC)3736(DNC)35(DNC)33(DNC)175
78th3578GreenWhite RabbitGodfrey ClarkNick YannakoyorgosFishers Green SC(DNF)(DNC)(DNC)3232(DNC)(DNC)33(BFD)(DNC)DNC31189
79th3650GreenHeadcasePaul EngelmannMartin WestonSalcombe YC36(DNC)(DNC)‑4739(DNC)(DNC)3737(DNC)(DNC)43192
80th3772BlueVelellaPhil EmeryKaren EmeryWhitstable YC(DNC)(DNC)26(DNC)36(DNC)(DNF)(DNC)(DNC)32DNC41196
81st3767BlackOne LoveBen ArcherOlivia BelliniParkstone YC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)46(DNC)4041(DNC)38(DNC)36(DNC)201
82nd3567RedFat Boy SlimMartin SmithKaren BestonBlithfield SC31(DNC)41(DNC)(DNC)36(DNC)‑52(DNC)4648(DNC)202
83rd3749GreenStanleyCharles AndersonAnni RidleyHampton SC28(DNC)(DNC)4447(DNC)(DNC)42(BFD)(DNC)(DNC)42203
84th3530RedSir TopazMike CollesWilliam AndersonMidland SC33(DNC)44(DNC)(DNC)41(DNC)40(DNC)‑4746(DNC)204
85th3674BlackAutumn GoldMike AnslowMegan WardMidland SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)40(DNC)(DNF)42(DNC)26(DNC)37DNC206
86th3511BlueHeaven SentAndrew MillsNicola ScaddenHampton SC(DNC)(BFD)43(DNC)43(DNC)44(DNC)(DNC)37(DNC)39206
87th3714BlackKevinAlan MarkhamSue MarkhamUpper Thames SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)29(DNC)(DNF)37(DNC)40(DNC)40DNC207
88th3625RedPoint BreakRichard BramleyTony ChealShoreham SC34(DNC)40(DNC)(DNC)38(DNC)46(DNC)‑4949(DNC)207
89th3706RedMonkey PuzzleKevin AndersonAmelia GoodwinHampton SC39(DNC)46(DNC)(DNC)39(DNC)43(DNC)‑5241(DNC)208
90th3621BlueRaunchyTristram SquireSheila SquireSalcombe YC(DNC)3049(DNC)‑55(DNC)49(DNC)(DNC)44(DNC)37209
91st3697BlackToo Dark n StormyRichard PageJack ToshHampton SC(DNC)(BFD)(DNC)35(DNC)29(DNF)(DNC)41(DNC)45DNC211
92nd3587RedMistralHenry MasonBelinda MasonBlithfield SC32(DNC)(DNF)(DNC)(DNC)(DNF)(DNC)31(DNC)4842DNC214
93rd3734BlueThe Black BoatPhil AshworthAli AshworthWeymouth SC(DNC)(DNC)38(DNC)42(DNC)45(DNC)(DNC)43(DNC)46214
94th3602BlueAmbienceAnthony RickabyMarion ReadWembley SC(DNC)(DNC)42(DNC)48(DNC)48(DNC)(DNC)45(DNC)38221
95th3548GreenFirestarterKevin RoseTim WilliamsUpper Thames SC(DNF)(DNC)(DNC)4249(DNC)(DNC)4832(DNC)(DNC)51222
96th3597GreenQuidditchMo AllenAmy AllenFishers Green / King George SC38(DNC)(DNC)45‑57(DNC)(DNC)4549(DNC)(DNC)47224
97th3560GreenLUKAStuart JenkinsAnna JenkinsHampton SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)4340(DNC)(DNC)5333(DNC)(DNC)DNC230
98th3622GreenThe EdgePaul AtwellJulie CronshawWembley SC35(DNC)(DNC)51‑52(DNC)(DNC)5043(DNC)(DNC)52231
99th3589BlueFat Bottom GirlJohn HollandsTimothy ParkerHampton SC(DNC)(DNF)47(DNC)45(DNC)40(DNC)(DNC)51(DNC)48231
100th3561RedSnortingKieran OFarrellPhil BerkeryWembley SC(DNF)(DNC)48(DNC)(DNC)(BFD)(DNC)38(DNC)4243DNC232
101st3502BlackShindigScott SmithChristopher SmithUpper Thames SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)49(DNC)4246(DNC)45(DNC)50(DNC)232
102nd3586RedShadowplayKieron MasonGeorge MasonBlithfield SC41(DNC)45(DNC)(DNC)44(DNC)51(DNC)53(DNC)(DNC)234
103rd3291BlueParanoiaDave PhilpottCarol MurcotteGrafham Water SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)50(DNC)47(DNC)(DNC)39DNC45242
104th2604GreenSatisfactionJeremy SteinSarah PercivalUpper Thames SC(DNF)(DNC)(DNC)5051(DNC)(DNC)4442(DNC)(DNC)DNF248
105th3606GreenTake It EasyKen DuffellJoe WoodsTamesis Club(DNF)(DNC)(DNC)4856(DNC)(DNC)(DSQ)36(DNC)DNC49250
106th3570BlueSecond ThoughtMartin EvansChris EvansCookham Reach SC(DNC)(DNF)(DNF)(DNC)46(DNC)38(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC44250
107th3636GreenCarmenMike JenningsHannah JenningsHayling Island SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)53(DNC)(DNC)4946(DNC)DNC50259
108th3607BlackThe Fith ElementKim MagnessEtienne MagnessLac Leman(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNF)(DNC)43(DNC)(DNC)50DNC52DNC267
109th3762GreenRimonimMalcolom HyamsElla CrabtreeMidland SC(DNF)(DNC)(DNC)(WAY)54(DNC)(DNC)4747(DNC)DNCDNF270
110th3590RedNice & spicyPeter WainwrightTracy SmithBlithfield SC(DNF)(DNC)(WAY)(DNC)(DNC)45(DNC)56(DNC)5654DNC272
111th3655RedLoosed CannonPeter SlackKaren HilesDraycote Water SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNF)(DNC)41DNC50DNCDNC274
112th3598BlackBar HumbugRobert SmithAndrew SmithSalcombe YC(DNC)(BFD)(DNC)33(DNC)(DNF)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC277
113th2410Blue Ian LaingAndrew HuntHollingworth Lake SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)58(DNC)50(DNC)(DNC)55DNC53277
114th3717BlackRijoca & RollJohn GreenJoe ShawWembley SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(WAY)(DNC)(DNF)(DNC)DNC48DNC47DNC278
115th3479GreenRagtimeRupert FletcherPaul JamiesonTamesis Club(DNF)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNF)(DNC)(DNC)5552DNCDNC54283
116th3599RedHarryNigel CooperEllen CooperHampton SC(DNC)(DNC)(WAY)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)54DNC5453DNC283
117th3451BlackDeep ThoughtMartin WhitworthSarah CharrotUpper Thames SC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(WAY)(DNC)(DNF)(BFD)DNC51DNC51DNC285
118th3581RedPrologueBrendan OConnellJanet OConnellBlithfield SC(DNF)(DNC)(DNF)(DNC)(DNC)(DNF)(DNC)DNCDNCDNF55DNC299
119th3547BlueMoondance AssasinPeter MaleRichard SmithBlithfield SC / Salcombe YC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC305

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