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wooden boat maintenance

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Topic: wooden boat maintenance
Posted By: tim grasse
Subject: wooden boat maintenance
Date Posted: 08 Jan 12 at 11:11pm
Hi i may be getting a wooden moth but i was wondering what maintenance does a wooden boat require?
I heard that if you paint the hull with epoxy it will last longer and will be just like a fibreglass boat, is this true?
cheers tim

Posted By: SoggyBadger
Date Posted: 09 Jan 12 at 8:00am
Originally posted by tim grasse

I heard that if you paint the hull with epoxy it will last longer and will be just like a fibreglass boat, is this true?

For epoxy to work in that way the boat has to be built using epoxy from the off. Every, and I mean every, square millimetre has to be covered inside and out. All screw and bolt holes have to be sealed too so that there's absolutely nowhere that water can get in.

Best wishes from deep in the woods


Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 09 Jan 12 at 8:07am
No and well, maybe yes...

The main thing about a wood boat is you have to keep right on top of the maintenance. If you do, and especially if you make sure the boat is always properly covered and dry, and preferably kept indoors out of frost and snow over the winter, then a wood boat will last indefinitely - more so than a fibreglass boat I think. And what's more the actual amount of work need not be that great provided you do everything that needs doing just as soon as it needs it.

But if you don't keep up with the maintenance - keeping her covered properly *all* the time, touching up the varnish if there are scratches, dealing with any little cracks that collect water, and especially if you let water accumulate in the boat and worst of all freeze, then a wood boat can turn from first class condition to wreck surprisingly quickly.

Personally I think you really need undercover storage if you have a wood boat, if for no other reason than if a maintenance job does come up and you are too busy to deal with it then you can put the boat in there and out of the weather while you get round to it.

Posted By: PeterV
Date Posted: 09 Jan 12 at 5:51pm
Conventional paints and varnishes have stood the test of time pretty well.  As said, the boat needs a good cover, should always be propped up so that any water can drain out of it and preferably should be kept indoors during the worst of the winter.  I repaint my Finn's hull about every 3 years and add a coat of varnish to the decks every one or two years.  If the boat is in poor condition there's a lot of work involved, if it's good then this is sufficient.  If there's any damage rectify it immediately, a dab of varnish or paint to cover any bare wood, then sort it out properly in the winter.

Finn K197, Finn GBR564, Hunter Duette.

Posted By: winging it
Date Posted: 09 Jan 12 at 7:18pm
and from here Tim you move over to, home of woodie lovers everywhere and the natural habitat of experts like Jim and Peter.  We have a great band of moth enthusiasts too!

the same, but different...

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