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North Atlantic in a Bosun Dinghy

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Topic: North Atlantic in a Bosun Dinghy
Posted By: coiler
Subject: North Atlantic in a Bosun Dinghy
Date Posted: 16 Jun 05 at 4:06pm

Dom Mee, ex-Royal Marine and Maritime explorer is going to cross the Noth Atlantic in a specially modified Bosun Dinghy.

This in itself is quite extraordinary but he will also do the crossing with no rig but use 'kiteship' spinnakers for the crossing.

If you would like to pose any questions to Dom and his team feel free to post them here or email them to: -

Louay Habib


Posted By: Chris Noble
Date Posted: 16 Jun 05 at 9:31pm
youll need to keep us posted on the developments

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Posted By: coiler
Date Posted: 17 Jun 05 at 9:11am

Will do Chris,

I will shortly get some proper pictures of the bosun and details on the trip.



Posted By: hurricane
Date Posted: 17 Jun 05 at 10:46am
that kite instead of spinny is soooo cool when will we see one of the development classes try one?

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Posted By: coiler
Date Posted: 23 Jun 05 at 12:53pm

update and picture now up.


coiler -



Posted By: Phil eltringham
Date Posted: 23 Jun 05 at 7:15pm
Using kites on the race course would be really dangerous, could you image the tangles with lots of boats coming into the bottom mark with kites flying?! I wouldn't want to be the insurance company after a mix-up there.  They may well be more efficient but for racing they are not feasable, apart from possibly match racing.  Oracle looked into them for the last AC but both mothballed the project once they found out no-one else was going to use them. 

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Posted By: ssailor
Date Posted: 23 Jun 05 at 9:17pm
They look cool, but not as cool as a 30 odd square metre assymetric kite on a 14 when its goin hell for leather downwind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - can they actually get a boat planing? for sum odd reason it seems to me they wud be pulling at some strange angles to get a bot really moving - like a kiteboarder 

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Posted By: Phil eltringham
Date Posted: 24 Jun 05 at 9:46am
I read a report on these things, they are quite efficient and because they are higher up they get stonger, more steady wind.  They will go to windward and the angles are comparable to current sloop rigs, and they difinately will get a boat on the plane!  the final benefit is that they lift the bow of the boat when going downwind, instead of always trying to pull the mast over the bow and nosedive.  For those interested the main company developing these is -

Shifts Happen

Posted By: coiler
Date Posted: 19 Aug 05 at 2:31pm

Hi All,

Just to let you know that Dom Mee has left St.Johns in his 14ft kite boat bound for Exmouth.

Latest details are on my site -

You can also visit Dom's site -

However he will not be reporting in for a couple of days as he is concentrating all his efforts on clearing the Grand Banks, yes the place in "The Perfect Storm"



Posted By: HannahJ
Date Posted: 19 Aug 05 at 8:12pm
That is one weird way of sailing... looks veeeeeery peculiar.

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Posted By: jpbuzz591
Date Posted: 26 Sep 05 at 10:02pm
Has anyone seen the news today? Dom had to stop his attempt after the boat capsizeed in strong winds. But appaerntly he hasnt given up! and will try again

Jp Indoe
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Posted By: CurlyBen
Date Posted: 26 Sep 05 at 10:49pm
Yeah, the boat's meant to be self righting but strong point for the sea anchor snapped apparently, and it capsized 9 times and didn't right the ninth time. Doesn't sound like much fun! There's some stuff on his website about it.

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