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Changing Jib Halliard Cleat on an RS200

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Topic: Changing Jib Halliard Cleat on an RS200
Posted By: marke
Subject: Changing Jib Halliard Cleat on an RS200
Date Posted: 21 Mar 11 at 1:17pm
Is there a neat trick or cunning plan for changing a worn jib halliard cleat on the front bulkhead of an RS200.

The cleat is bolted on with non-captive nuts on the inside.  I can reach in through the hatchcover in the foredeck - but can't get my hand forward around the mast support panel and then back to the bulkhead to get a spanner on the nuts.

Somebody must have done this but I can't find anything on the RS200 website.


Posted By: GybeFunny
Date Posted: 21 Mar 11 at 9:23pm
Try asking on the yahoo mailing list. I never had one wear on my 200s so didnt have the issue, I am surprised it would ever wear, afterall you only pull about 3ft of rope through it, it isnt as if its a main halyard where you pull 20ft through the cleat each time you sail so wearing the cleat out. Cant you just replace the rope with stuff of a different diameter so it uses different teeth in the cleat?

Posted By: Lukepiewalker
Date Posted: 21 Mar 11 at 10:41pm
Socket set with an extension bar?

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Posted By: radixon
Date Posted: 22 Mar 11 at 8:18am
Have they changed then? The 200 we have (230) has the Jib cleat on the side of the mast? Or am I refering to a different cleat?

Personally, email RS, they would be able to advise.


Posted By: marke
Date Posted: 22 Mar 11 at 9:22am
Thanks for the suggestions

Yes I was surprised that it had worn as well - particularly as the mast suddenly raked very quickly on a very windy beat! - fortunately the ratty bit of string holding the forestay on held.

I had already moved to the thicker rope about 6 months ago.

I couldn't use a socket bar as I couldn't see or feel the end of the nuts (and as I found out have a large part of the bolt sticking through so a socket wouldn't have worked anyway).

A little bit of thought to maintenance when fitting out the boats could save an awful lot of messing about.

Anyway I eventually gave up and went for the drill off the bolt head and hit with a large mallet technique - that got the old cleat off.  Then push twine through the holes with wire and use that to pull  captive nuts up onto the inside of the hole and glue in position.  Then refix with bolts using the captive nuts. Phew!


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